Nearing the End – Déjà Vu

magic pen (series C)I finished the outline of Déjà Vu in October 2012. At this time, it was a little over 13,000 words. I had to take a break from it because I was editing the short story, Cheers, and finding cover art.

With promotions for the short story and outlining the follow-up to Amber and Kevin’s story and the holidays, I couldn’t return to Déjà Vu until the end of December.  By mid-January, I had a 52,000 word first draft. That was whittled down to about 47,000 words in the second and third drafts. Between the second and third drafts, my critique group was giving me directions and actually there is a fourth draft that went to my editor in mid-February.

It’s now mid-March. I’m supposed to stop smoking on the 15th, Spring Break is in full swing. It’s my busy season at the day job. The edits? I’m working on them. Slowly, but surely.

I keep reading and re-reading. Does this make sense? Is this sexy? Is this romantic? Questioning every single line while making sure all the words are there and the punctuation is correct.

Scared out of my mind to let this thing go. But I will. Or I’ll have to hear we could have gone here or there! And I promise my family, we will head out of town for a few days of mommy away from the computer as soon as this is published!

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