Val Reads ~ Penelope

I very much enjoyed Anya Wylde’s A Wicked Wager and was so happy to read a complimentary copy of Penelope that I received via a Smashwords’ coupon.

AnyaWylde_Penelope2000I expected a well-written light historical Regency romance with interesting characters involved in a plot with lots of twists and turns. And I was pleasantly surprised because I got so much more.

The heroine, Penelope, is not the poised lady who I expected to find but a country bumpkin who made me laugh, cry and come to care for her within the first few chapters.

The supporting cast was also filled with those who I looked forward to seeing throughout the book, but I will have to give my favorite supporting character award to Madame Bellefronde. The modiste is one of the most interesting characters I’ve met in quite a while!

From fake mustaches to poetic highwaymen to the hero’s fiancee, I found myself laughing throughout the book and falling in love with Penelope and her Duke.

I recommend to those who like romantic comedies and light historical romances.

Happy Reading

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