March 2013 – Status Update

I thought I’d get this in before the month was over!

Here is where I am now.

Organization: Office was set and I’ve started on my son’s room. Poor little guy, his space became storage so we’ll have to donate what doesn’t fit in the house. Can’t just clutter his closet with doll houses that no one plays with.

Exercise: Ooohhh! That came to an abrupt end. It’s very painful. I’m going to try yoga in March. That didn’t happen, we’ll try for April.

Writing: My goal is to complete four long works. I don’t want to call them novels because they may not end up that long.

Deja Vu – Completed and on sale!

Amber Meets Her Cowboy3WIP/Amber and Kevin – Trimmed down to 40,000 but still working on some kinks – shooting for completion by the end of April. And the cover has been nominated for 2012 Swirl Award for Best Cover – thanks to my wonderful designer!

A Loving Affair – The second story in the Rose Gold Collection. This is an outline of 13000 words and a few scenes written in a notebook. Got to get that moved over to computer. ~ Have yet to do this. Ugh! (same)

Dulce Means Sweet – The third story in the Rose Gold Collection. This is also in a notebook. No outline but character analyses completed and a few scenes. ~Eek! Double Eek!

Let’s hope I’m further along next month!

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