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For those that know me well, I am a stickler for old movies.

I have a huge love for old movies for as long as I can remember. My mom says that my love for old movies comes from my dad, who was also a movie lover. I particularly love movies from the silent era onto the 60’s. I mainly love drama, comedy, musicals and horror but I am particular about the horror. I love old horror, black and white, cheesy B movie horror movies with Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

When I decided to write my latest book “The Admission” I took the idea for the story from one of my favorite movies called “The Heiress” which starred Olivia de Havilland and Montgomery Cliff. If you haven’t watched the movie, I so suggest that you please watch this amazing cinematic story and you will understand completely as to why I wrote this story.

This particular story really brought out a lot of emotion for me when I wrote it. I was sad, I was angry, I swooned a bit, I laughed and cried a bit at the same time. I honestly had to walk away from the story sometimes because of how much raw emotion went into these pages. Even though this story has been told over the years, never did I think when I wrote it that the characters would have such an impact on my life as well as the story of Cathy’s evolution from a timid introvert to a woman who finds love as well as strength despite never having been loved by the one person whose loved she craved more than anyone in her life….her father.

I really did enjoy writing this book and I do hope that when readers get the chance to read this amazing story that they will love how someone could remake a classic like ‘The Heiress’ into a modern story of admission as well as finding love.


TheAdmission_MED[1]Book Blurb: The Admission

All she ever wanted was her father’s love.

Cathy Sanderson tries her best to impress her father despite his resentment over her. She seemed to contemplate most days, “Why me? Why do you hate me so daddy?”

He’d belittle her about every little thing. The pain and anguish she felt as his only child had her day dreaming that one day he would treat her special.

Cathy loves her father and tries to make him proud of her, but everything she tried, never seemed to work.

Her shyness plays against her, and makes her a prisoner within her own mind.

She feels nothing in her nonexistent life could be made any better.

Until, she met him.

Rodrigo “Rod” Coram lives the life that most men fantasize about. He’s the owner of a fabulous club, The Orchid Lounge. He has great clients, great friends and the eyes of every woman around.

One thing Rod didn’t have was a woman to love.

Rod’s best friend Frank asked him for his help. He needed an extra groomsman for his cousin’s wedding.

That’s when fate brings an unloved woman, and a man looking for love, together.

New Love.  Secrets.  Regrets. Two people find each other, but their personal lives may keep them apart.


Rod looked up toward the DJ, getting his attention as he put up a peace sign. This was his sign to change up the music as the DJ nodded. Soon the lights in the place changed as well as the music.

The mood of the club quickly changed while some of the folks started clapping and shouting. “Alright ladies and gents, we are going to slow it down a bit tonight so grab a honey and get on the dance floor.”

“Dance with me?” Rod asked her and a shocked looked came across Cathy’s face.

“But I can’t dance,” Cathy reminded him as he took the glass from her. Putting it on the counter Rodrigo took her by the hand while walking through the crowd of people.

“Now have you ever slow danced before?”

She shook her head no and he smiled. “That’s fine, I’ll take you in my arms and you will hold my hand like so.” And with that, he did what he said as his arm circled around her waist drawing her closer to his own body.

She nearly lost her breath looking up at him. Taking her hand in his, his fingers softly closed around hers. God, she thought, he had some big hands with soft long fingers too. He held their hands against his own chest as they found the rhythm of the music while swaying back and forth. Their eyes stayed upon each other while the music continued playing. “There now, you are dancing my dear.” Rodrigo smiled. She did too trying not to look into his eyes, but she couldn’t help it. She swore it had to have been the liquor making her feel so tipsy because she thought this was the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life.

“Do you know how handsome you are?” Her words slurred a bit, God she couldn’t believe how drunk she was after only two drinks. He must think she was a complete fool telling him this.

Rod had never seen such a sweet sight as this woman he was holding in his arms. He knew she was drunk but he tried his best not to laugh at her. For even though she was drunk, this woman was way too cute.

“Thank you for saying that.” Rodrigo smiled feeling her head lying softly against his chest. He leaned next to her hair inhaling deeply the sweet smell of coconuts. The way her body next to his felt like a glove and he wanted so badly not to overwhelm himself much less scare her off. He knew taking advantage of a first time drunk was wrong, but something came over him at that moment. He couldn’t understand what it was that made her so irresistible while they swayed to the music. Maybe it was because he hadn’t had a woman this close to him in such a long time.

“Can I call you Rod?” Cathy asked him.

“Sure you can, all of my friends call me Rod.”

“Am I your friend?”

“Of course you are.” Rodrigo smiled as he heard her giggle while she snuggled even more in his arms.

“Did I mention how cute you were, too?”

This time he had to chuckle looking down at her lovely face, her eyes seemed to dance around a bit while trying to focus on his own. “Well you did say I was handsome but as far as cute, I haven’t heard anyone call me cute since my mom, and that was when I was little.” Rodrigo was happy she was having a good time. He didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable and now he knew at least he was doing a good job of being a great host to her.

Soon the couple found themselves laughing. “Well you are cute and handsome too, probably the most handsome man I’ve ever seen before in my life.”

No more drinks she thought to herself while her eyes closed. Breathing in his cologne seemed to suffocate her, but not in a way that would choke her, no in a way that made her feel even more lightheaded. Never in her life would she that she would be in a nightclub having drinks and dancing with a very handsome man. He felt so good, she thought, as she felt his fingers tighten around her own. His other hand pushed her more into his chest. She enjoyed the feeling that he gave her even though he might not have known what he was really doing to her. She had never had a man make her feel the way this one did. God, Cathy thought, wouldn’t it be nice if they could just stay right here holding each other like this? That way she wouldn’t have to go back home and be bothered with her father’s words of hate.

About the Author

Snapshot_20130325_2[1]Writer Jamallah Bergman was born in Jamaica Queens, New York. Although her family moved around a bit; from New York to Alabama to Georgia. Jamallah’s childhood was mostly spent in Roswell, Georgia.

At the age of twelve, Jamallah started writing scripts for her doll babies. As she got older, her inclination to write grew.

Soon after reading her first romance novel at fifteen; she became hooked on romance and deviated from writing her doll baby stories, to romantically inclined stories.

Her thirst to write eventually sent her from one out of the box experience to another. She eventually engaged her thoughts and writing into writing erotic stories.

As Jamallah’s interest as a reader grew, questions aroused her curiosity. Why were the heroines in the stories she loved so much, nothing like herself. She felt none of the women were full figured, or plump. To coin a phrase from the well known comedienne Mo’Nique, like “Thick Madame”, a thick and curvy woman.

Often she became upset because she felt there should be stories out there about all types of women, including thick, beautiful women like herself. Why were there no stories about full figured women who got the handsome hunk? She would ask herself after reading another romance story where the beautiful main character was thin.

After researching and finding very few stories about curvy women, Jamallah thought it was time the romance readers market read more stories about full figured heroines.

She started to write stories where the full figured woman ‘ALWAYS’ got her man!



Contact Info:


Twitter: @silentbutloud1


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Jamallah, thank you so much for stopping by the blog. I’m a huge fan!


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