Finally Writing Again – The WIP

I’ve finally had the time to really, really work on the conclusion to Amber and Kevin’s story and I’m quite pleased with myself.

Is it done? Kinda, sorta. All the chapters are written and I’m now tweaking and sending out chapters to be read to anyone with time.

happy mixed couple at homeAs I’ve said before, Amber and Kevin hold a very special place in my heart and I’m excited to finish their story with a bang.

To catch you up on where we are – Kevin proposed to Amber and she accepted! Was there even a question as to her answer?

So their next story will begin sometime after that – engaged and blissfully happy! Engaged yes, but remember A Miller Tradition ends with my little warning.

Here’s a snippet from the work in progress:

A few months before her fortieth birthday, Time had suddenly caught up with her. The window of opportunity for having a child was closing. 

In the beginning, Kevin had said he was willing to try. But with each bout of tremors following an injection, his willingness had more than waned. Now at the end of the third cycle, he was adamant that they try something else even if this was the most effective way.

Their battle raged on. She’d already conceded so much during their engagement – her home, her job. She wouldn’t concede this one point.

As always, feedback is welcomed!

~Happy Reading


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