Hump Day Hook ~ Amber and Kevin

humpdayhookWelcome to the Hump Day Hook! This is a weekly blog hop in which authors give you a peek at their work. To check out the other authors participating in this event, click here. You may just discover your next read!

This week, I’m sharing from my WIP (still untitled, but I have two ideas so far). This story involves two of my favorite characters, Amber Grayson and Kevin Miller. Amber and Kevin met in the novella, In the Moment. Kevin proposed in A Miller Tradition, a free read on Goodreads.

And here we are – pre-married life with the future in-laws spending the night.

I’d love to know what you feel about the characters from this snippet.

71011-20130209Willing blood flow into his flaccid member, he tried to concentrate on her fingers working over his skin. He flexed his hips off the bed, curled his lips back against his teeth. Sex, sex, sex, he repeated in his head and forced himself into the twist of her hand with a grunt.

The comments from dinner didn’t matter. He didn’t give two shits about them…except…except he did.

“Why do you always have to remind your mother about my degree? I’m not an architect.”

Her hand stopped mid-glide. “But you do have a degree…”

“I operate a renovation company. That’s construction. Is there something wrong with that?” His voice rose above the whisper in which they’d been speaking.

“Shh….I never said that.” The waistband of his boxers snapped against his stomach with the hasty removal of her hand.

“Don’t shhh me in my own damn house.”

“It’s my house too. Shh…shh…shh…”

The groan of the futon’s springs didn’t seem to bother her as she jumped to her feet. “Have fun jerking off, alone.” The door creaked closed behind her, catching on the old carpet and ruining her attempt at a slam.

10 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook ~ Amber and Kevin

  1. Ouch. They say any writing that gives the reader a genuine emotional response is good writing and I got to tell you, I just feel terrible for both those poor people! Relationships can be such a minefield.

  2. Uh, I laughed. I thought her reactions were hilarious, and something I would definitely do if a guy suddenly started talking about ridiculous crap in the middle of foreplay. This scene screamed realistic to me. He definitely picked the WRONG time to talk about their problems, lol. Great job!

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