On the Soapbox ~ Don’t Tell Me It Should Be Longer

Fair warning – this post is a rant!

Don’t tell me you want a short story to be longer and give me a one to two star review based on that reason!

interracial desire and passionate sex hand on assHere’s the blurb:

In this short story, a frustrated Daniel Weir sets out to seduce his wife after an off-hand remark sends her off in a huff. Little does he know, Leslie Weir has her own game of seduction planned.

For Leslie, Daniel is a solid columnar mass of a man, more than capable of providing her with mind blowing experiences. But since the birth of their son, he has become the most gentle of lovers and Leslie has grown tired of his carefulness. In a night of gentle teasing, she hopes to reignite his passion.

One night. Short story. That’s it! (The site gives you the length. It’s not an epic saga.)

Tell me that the piece is chocked full of grammatical errors. That the story doesn’t flow. That the dialogue is stilted or unbelievable. Something other than a short story is short.

Enough ranting.  Back to being smiling Val!

~Enjoy your holiday weekend.

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