May Update – Finished Pieces and What’s Next

This update thing isn’t working as well as I’d hoped, but I’ll try to remember to do this every month. Can’t promise a date!

Originally, I wanted to complete four long works this year – The three books in the Rose Gold Collection and the completion of Amber and Kevin’s story. I’m pretty sure that is not going to happen. My writing has slowed down quite a bit. In fact I’ve been quite sluggish lately. I think I have submission phobia.

I’ve been working on the conclusion for Amber and Kevin for months and think I’m finally ready to hand it over to beta readers after the holiday. I want one more look through. I’m hopeful that this will see the light of day this year as I’m decided to submit it to publishers instead of self-publishing.

As for the Rose Gold Collection, Deja Vu is done. The other two, well I just don’t know.  I am rethinking that idea all together.

But I’m still writing, I came up with an idea and a working title. I’m thinking of posting it on the blog with some cute pics like this.

Woman with  clapboard

We’ll see.

So that’s me.

Enjoy your holiday! ~Val

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