How Do You Measure a Self-Publishing Journey?

magic pen (series C)That’s a good question, isn’t it?

Is it in sales? Is it in positive reviews? Is it in the joy you receive?

Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer and I’m a self-publisher as well as a published author with a small press.

Now here’s what I’ve read about indie authors:

1. They are not taking the time to hone their craft to a level acceptable to a mainstream publisher.

2. They are not using the advantages of peer groups, professional editors and literary agents to produce quality work.

And to this I cry – Bulllshit!.

Indie Authors are out there working as hard as any other independent artist to have their work shown. Is it all stellar? No, it is not.

And neither are all the books published by the giant publishing companies or the movies produced by the giant studios.

Indie film makers and indie musicians get some love. Why not the indie author?

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