Loving Day 2013 Blog Hop Winner!

71011-20130209Thank you to everyone who commented on the Vallory V blog for Loving Day 2013! I had some wonderful comments about what to do for Loving Day and wanted to share some ideas for next year:

Date Night: Get dressed up and spend some quality time with that person who curls your toes.

Something For Him / Her: Do something that your other half likes to do. If I would peruse the aisles of a comic book store with hubby and then come back home and read them together, he’d get a real kick out of that! I’m planning on this for one random Saturday.

Tell Parents You Love Them: Now that I’m a parent, I know the joy of my little one saying “I love you” I don’t think I’ll ever tire of that. I don’t think my dad has either.

Card And Something Special: A wonderful idea! A card that says – You were LOVED today, followed up by an act of kindness. Now wouldn’t this promote goodness and loving all day? Thanks M.E.!

And the winner of the hop (chosen by Random.org) is Tina B.

Thank you Tina and everyone for hopping with me. See you next year!


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