Scandalous! And Me Not Knowing a Thing.

I’ve been writing for the last two years.

Meaning that I come home from the day job, make dinner, eat, talk to the fam and then head into my writer’s den. Literally, I have not watched a moment of television in two years.

About a month ago, I’m working through a project with a co-worker via video conference and she says – “So, Miss Interracial Romance, what do you think is going to happen with Olivia and Fitz?”

To which I respond, “Who in the hell are Olivia and Fitz?”

I’m mining data, trying to come up with a database design that incorporates a ridiculous amount of information. Are these new VPs?

No! Scandal is the hottest show on network television featuring a powerful African-American woman, developed by an African-American woman…and let’s not forget that the love interest happens to be the President of these United States of America.

Crap! I really have to come up for air at times. Infidelity. National Security. References to Sally Hemmings and Thomas Jefferson. Babies in cardboard boxes. Scissors in the neck!

This show has it all and if you are not a fan now, watch the 11 Most Devestating Olivia and Fitz Moments on ABC and become an addict like me.

Or maybe not because there has been criticism.

In an article by the Washington Post the show was called ‘deliciously dumb’.

I for one am taking my dumbness with a double helping of whipped cream and enjoying every mouthful!

Young couple naked Man and woman in love kissingThere is also criticism about the relationship between Olivia and Fitz.

He is married. As a married woman, that single tidbit taken entirely unto itself I understand.

But the criticism goes on to say that the reason that the relationship between Olivia and Fitz is secret is because it is an interracial one. That the show demeans interracial relationships making them something unsavory.

To that I say, he is the President and that makes a difference. If he was Fitz, the local mail carrier, then I would have a different response.

But this is the modern day Camelot! Fitz is designed as the one to draw a splintered nation toward one common goal of ultimate goodness (and mind you, he is damn sexy doing it). Guenever and Lancelot knew this.

Mellie Grant, the First Lady, knows this. Saying to Olivia – And you broke his heart. What wife can you imagine saying this to her husband’s mistress?

For Mellie, it’s not about the man, it’s about the mission. Whether she believes in it or not, she is all in for the ride! Got to love, Mellie. And the fact that she has the same name as Olivia de Haviland in the Gone with the Wind endears her to me even more.

With bated breath, I’m waiting for the next season. I’m rooting for Olivia and Fitz, knowing that their relationship is doomed but hoping none the less.

Love to hear your thoughts on the show – good, bad and indifferent! And any pointers to others who share my obsession would be helpful!

Happy Reading, Writing and Re-run Watching ~ Val

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