Lady Amber’s Author’s Blog Hop – 2013

Welcome to Lady Amber’s Author’s Blog Hop!

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I’m truly a fan of blog hops because (1) I like to win stuff and (2) I like to meet new authors. And this hop is special because it contains authors from a variety of genres.

So if you’re not familiar with me, I write contemporary romances specifically Interracial Spicy Romances.

Nope, I’m not penning the romance novels I was reading as a teen or young adult. And mind you, I’m not talking about ‘candle wax on the nipples’ (just yet) but my work gets pretty steamy.

What draws me to the genre in which I write?

The simple answer for the interracial part of my stories is simple – me! I’m an African-American woman married to a Caucasian man. I want to be able to pick up a book that reflects my personal love story.

The answer for the spicy part of my stories is just as simple – me! I stopped reading romances for quite a while because they didn’t reflect real life for me. They were like fairy tales and I couldn’t get into them anymore. Then I stumbled upon an erotic romance!

Wow! I found that I need to know more than their eyes met. I need to know what happened when he brought her up to his room and shut the door.

Amber Meets Her Cowboy3I also found that I wasn’t alone. After publishing, In the Moment, I received an email from a reader who said that what she liked most about the novella was the realism. She went on to tell me that she had glimpsed a naughty moment between her neighbors from her bedroom window. The couple had forgotten to shut the blinds! (Or had they?) Anyway, she and I both agreed that there was a lot of naughtiness going on behind those closed doors and we wanted to read about it.

Not sure if spicy romances are your style? Here’s a freebie to test, the revised edition of The Drive Home is available on Goodreads. Let me know what you think.

Now on to winning stuff! I’m giving away a $10.00 electronic gift card for either Amazon or Barnes & Noble to one lucky commenter. All you have to do is correctly answer the following question:

The line – ‘candle wax on the nipples’ is from what John Hughes film ( A big part of my teen years)?

Name the film.

Clues: I was a teenager in the 1980s. Someone in the movie was married to Stephen Segall.

Good luck and keep hopping by clicking here! There are more authors to discover and more prizes to win.

Happy Hopping ~Val

23 thoughts on “Lady Amber’s Author’s Blog Hop – 2013

  1. LOL…Not for me…I had too search, but I found it. Weird Science! I may be slow, but I’m pretty sure that I’m right. 😀

  2. Weird Science, I had to really think it’s been so long since i seen it the clue helped though .


  3. Loved it – Weird Science and Kelly LeBrock was awesome in it 🙂 Thank you for participating in the fun.

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