Envious and Inspired

I’ve been kinda of timid about writing lately. Too much self-comparison between me and my favorite writers. It’s like being in high school all over again. You aren’t one of the cool kids because that’s just not your style, but there is that part of yourself that hasn’t accepted that that’s cool too!

So I voiced my concerns to my marketing manager, my daughter. Her suggestion was that I should cover her own success as a writer on the blog just to keep my fingers nimble. She is, after all,  four chapters away from completing her first novella currently at 52, 683 words. (Yes, you read that right.)

I must admit, I envy her word count!

I also envy her unbridled moxy. She is fearless in her writing. It is her own and the rest of the world be damned. She doesn’t think if this is good enough or strong enough or if she used the right word or even if the word exists in the English language.

My beautiful pictureThis is the hurdle I face each night in my writing. I’m editing and thinking when I’m supposed to be fearless and reckless. At the moment my characters start to speak, I silence them with my own questions – Have I given enough reason for you to say that? Is there enough of a back story? Is there too much back story? Is my plot strong enough?

Then I spiral down to not writing at all, but I’ve been given a new inspiration – a teen with maroon colored hair and a megawatt flat iron to show me the way. She’s my writing hero.

Fearless writing, here I come!

3 thoughts on “Envious and Inspired

  1. Inspiration often comes from some of the most unexpected places. I love that yours comes from your daughter. As the mother of a fearless teen I understand. She is often my hero.
    Keep writing. I love your work.

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