July 2013 Update ~ On Time!

Ha! I got this in on schedule (pats self on the back)…

Here’s where I am and where I plan on going:

Twist of Fate: One of my poems is included in this anthology of poems and short stories to benefit those affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma earlier this year. This collaboration of indie authors has been truly amazing. I just finished the anthology on the train on Friday and almost cried because of some of the imagery.

To learn more about this effort, visit the The Twist of Fate blog.

TheBeginningofForeverThe Beginning of Forever: The release date for the conclusion of Amber and Kevin’s story is September 6th! Next week, I’ll start on a marketing plan and I want to do something different this time so I’ve been researching like crazy and hope to have something on paper by next weekend.

From Portia's Balcony

From Portia’s Balcony

The Andrade House Mysteries: Two years ago, I wrote a cozy mystery. It centered around an inn owner in New Orleans with psychic abilities and brought in the people and culture of New Orleans as characters themselves. I loved it but never did anything with it.

So this year, I’ve dusted it off and am in the rewriting stages. I hope to finish by mid-August.

In the mean time, I’ll start looking for beta readers, an editor and a cover designer. Have to decide if this will be a Vallory Vance novella. 

Any thoughts about changing names with a different genre? I was thinking about readers thinking they were getting a spicy romance and it is certainly not.

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