Speaking of Marketing

magic pen (series C)As I’ve been researching new ways to connect with readers, I’ve discovered UNIVERSEindie. This is a free search engine devoted exclusively to the works of independent authors.

UNIVERSEindie defines an indie author as someone who is self-published or who is published by a small publisher that does not have the resources that the larger publishers have. If you have not received an advance of over $500 for your book, your book is eligible for UNIVERSEindie.

They are actively seeking authors to sign up and add their books to their search engine. Currently, they accept any book with a valid Amazon ASIN or Smashwords ID. Once your book is added to the UNIVERSEindie search engine, readers will be able to find it via a simple search, and within one click, or tap, it is available for purchase.

They daily promote new authors and their works via Facebook and Twitter, as well as other relevant social media outlets. They also welcome authors to submit success stories, promotional events, and other news items so they can help spread the word. Lastly, authors have the ability to add their Amazon KDP Select books to the Freebies page during any KDP free promotional period for added exposure.

So if you are an indie author looking for more ways to spread the word about your book, you may find a home at UNIVERSEindie.com!

Happy Marketing!


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