Hump Day Hook – In the Moment

I’m back on the blog! And what a great way to start – The Hump Day Hook! This is a weekly hop where you can discover new authors in a variety of genres simply by clicking the photo. Happy Hopping!


Be warned this week’s snippet is longer than most of mine but there was just no place to cut. This portion of the scene shows a little of the first working date of Amber Grayson and Kevin Miller the couple from the short story, In the Moment, and the upcoming novella, The Beginning of Forever from Amira Press.

The moments ticked by under his silent gaze and she felt her feet twirling out of her shoes like a school girl. Thankfully their dutiful server arrived and she ordered grilled tilapia with broccoli. “Is the broccoli cooked in butter?”

“No, ma’am.” The server shook his head and turned to a grinning Kevin.

“Well, I’ll take her butter and a porterhouse, medium rare. Give me a baked potato with sour cream, cheddar cheese and bacon.”

“I can hear his arteries hardening as he’s ordering, can’t you?” She snickered and stopped immediately.

That was inappropriate, unprofessional.

Kevin laughed and slapped the table top. “California?”


“You have to be from the West Coast. No accent and your obsession with fish and vegetables. You can’t be from Texas.”

“Actually, I was born in Guam and I’ve lived all over. I’m a military brat.”

“Okay, you got me.” His smile widened. “So what brings you to Texas?”

Maybe it was his relaxed nature or his attentive gaze as if she was the only person in the room which lowered her defenses. She found herself readily telling him about growing up in different states and her college years in Southern California where she discovered her love of and aptitude for volleyball.

He regaled her with tales about his ranch located two and a half hours south of Dallas and the love of his life, Tessie. The thoroughbred mare had both a personal trainer and a personal groomer. Nothing was too good for his Tessie.

He couldn’t know his stories were added fodder for her cowboy fantasies. She tucked them away for later imaginary conversations and the hum of her vibrator sang in her ears. Kevin’s eyes dipping to the front of her blouse and his easy laugh weren’t helping matters much. Fantasy and reality were perilously close to combining and that was not a good idea.

She turned the conversation back to the project. Her personal life for the time being was a successful ménage with her vibrator and her elliptical.

The three of them were very happy.

***For more of the Amber and Kevin stories, please click here to find the all inclusive links.***

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