Male Romance Authors: Do You Read Them?


There seems to be a new trend in romance these days. More male authors are writing romance openly. When I say openly, I mean they no longer feel the need for pen names. This isn’t anything new though. Men have been writing romance for years but they often use female pen names for the purpose of publication, and to win over the romance audience.

Just like women authors find prejudice when they write in certain genres, male authors find that as well in romance and erotica. Besides Nicholas Sparks, most people can’t name a male who writes love stories. There are many romance readers who are not open to books penned by males for whatever reason. You of course have some readers who don’t care about the gender, but many who do.

I’ve heard many different statements when romance readers proclaim why they don’t read romance by men. Many say that the feel of the romance isn’t the same when written by a man. Some say that during love scenes, male authors tend to focus more on the physical and not the emotional aspect. Some readers say they find it awkward and uncomfortable to even try a romance book written by a man.

I think it’s great that more men are writing romances just like I think it’s great that more women are writing in different genres. We still have a long way to go when it comes to readers seeing authors beyond their genders, but I think we’re moving in the right direction.

I still see more romance readers sticking with the female authors, but as males continue to find their voice in the genre, that might change.

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The Wild LifeWhat do you think of male romance authors? Have you ever read a romance written by a man (besides Nicholas Sparks)? If you’ve been resistant to male-written romance, what would persuade you to give a male romance author a try? Also, if you’ve read male romance novels and enjoyed them, feel free to give them a shout out!

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10 thoughts on “Male Romance Authors: Do You Read Them?

  1. I have read jj Murray , Jon Bradbury and Omar tyree and I have enjoyed there books so yes a man can. They bring a different side to it.

  2. I was just happening by and I must say that I am guilty of such bias. Whenever Amazon recommends a male written romance, I usually click “not interested” without even looking at the description. I guess I worry a bit about how romantic the love scenes will be, but mostly I worry that the plot will include details that I won’t find acceptable.

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