For the Love of a Cowboy

I blame Clint Eastwood and Forrest Carter and the 1976 film, The Outlaw Josey Wales, for my fascination with cowboys. This scene in particular:

Ten Bears: I have heard. You are the grey rider. You would not make peace with the Bluecoats. You may go in peace.

Josie Wales: I reckon not. I got no place else to go.

Ten Bears: Then you will die.

Josie Wales: I came here to die with you. Or to live with you.

At this point in my teen years, thanks to the popularity of DVDs, it was cemented in my mind that I wanted a cowboy – that hardworking, noble man who loved his woman above all else. That’s who my husband would be.

Without the chaps and love of the open range, that’s who I eventually married.

Still the image of someone wearing spurred cowboy boots with…

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