Spotlight on Tracey Rodgers ~ Daring to Wish

Daring to Wish VBT BannerWhat happens when you dare to wish?

In an effort to regain her independence and break out of her shell, shy Eve Ward writes a daring wish list of all the things she wants to do before her thirtieth birthday. It’s a good thing the list is for her eyes only, because some of the items are pretty risqué.

Adrenaline junkie Lucas Riley becomes Eve’s “victim” in a kiss-a-stranger dare, and she thinks he’s perfect for her one-night-with-a-stranger wish.

With Eve, Lucas thinks he’s found the distraction he needs before he has to say goodbye to his bad boy image. When he finds Eve’s sexy wish list, he can’t keep himself from giving into temptation and sneaking a peek, and wish number eight is impossible for him to resist. Being good can wait.

Eve is thrilled when, out of the blue, Lucas offers to take her skydiving. Her sexy stranger has helped her tick so many wishes off her secret list. Her confidence has grown and now she’s having fun both in and out of the bedroom. It seems too good to be true…is it? She can’t shake the niggling suspicion that something’s not quite right.

Content Warning: contains dizzying heights and sensual sex



Eve froze mid-turn, halted by his husky command and the tingle radiating from his hand lightly grasping her wrist. She met his gaze and realized how wrong she’d been. He was a million miles away from being uncomplicated. The startling blue of his eyes revealed depths Eve could only imagine drowning in.

“Did you say…nice?” He leaned closer. “I would say that was a lot better than nice. I’m sure if we tried again we could manage spectacular. Don’t you agree?” he drawled.

Maybe nice had been the wrong word to choose Eve relented as she noted his husky tone. It was infinitely better than nice.Try amazing! Her breath hitched as she thought of his kiss again. Knowing he enjoyed it too sent a surge of pleasure through her that settled deep within her belly. Obviously she could do some things right.

If she intended to fulfill her wishes she was going to have to find some confidence from somewhere—and fast! At the moment her confidence seemed to be firmly in the area of her knickers.

Running and hiding now seemed out of the question. Maybe confidence practice would be the lesser of two evils? She paused before facing Mr. Hotness for confidence lesson one.

“Hmm…” She pretended to consider. “Maybe you’re right. However, as this was a dare I’m afraid it was a one time opportunity,” she added with mock apology. “So I guess we’ll never know.”

“You kissed me for a dare?” His brow arched.

Eve nodded. “Uh-huh. My dare was to kiss a stranger.”

“A dare, huh? I feel so…so violated.” He clutched his free hand to his chest in feigned hurt, although his eyes brimmed with humor and a smile tugged at the corner of his delicious mouth.

“Don’t be offended. I did actually choose you,” she blurted before forgetting her cool, calm, and confident aim.

“So you really thought you could violate me then run?”

“That was my plan, yes,” she said with a confidence she didn’t quite feel, especially as she was distracted by the thumb lightly stroking her wrist.

“And I didn’t even try to play hard to get. Guess you got lucky.”

“Or maybe you did,” she countered without thought, mortified as a blush warmed her cheeks at his responding grin.

“Tell me, do you like to be dared?”

Her eyes widened at the loaded question. “I…I find a challenge hard to resist.”

“Damn good thing I’m a challenge.”

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About the Author:

A devourer of books from an early age, I spent much of my childhood stepping into wardrobes, searching for that magical snowy world where conversing with animals would be expected. When I wasn’t searching for those worlds, I wrote about them instead. My first step into the world of romance was when I stole sneak peeks into my nana’s books. I’m still in that world and refuse to leave.

I live in Staffordshire, UK, with my husband and three wonderful children. An avid reader and writer of romance, I strongly believe that words make the world go around.

Author Links:   Site   Twitter   Facebook 

Hump Day Hook ~ After Party

Happy Hump Day Hook! On this weekly tour around the blogosphere, a group of authors share a small bit of their WIPs or already released works. Click the icon to discover your next great read!


This week I was at a loss of what to post because I’m deep in rewriting mode and can’t think beyond that. With the deadline approaching, I decided on something from a freebie flash fiction piece, I wrote last year – After Party. (please note I’m in the process of revising, so it’s a little different than what is available as a nook book)

**The party for Daniel and his wife, Leslie, begins after the guests have left**

interracial desire and passionate sex hand on assLeslie had to have known he was tired when she asked his opinion about the third outfit that she modeled at the foot of their bed. After all, he’d spent the previous four nights at the station house, battled a blaze in the next town over and come home to hundreds of strangers bustling though his house and across his yard. She could have cut him some slack.

Struggling to keep his eyes open, he hadn’t meant to use the word matronly as she spun in a gauzy blue gown with her hair pulled into what looked like a black doughnut on top of her head. He’d only meant to think it.

When he had fully awoken anticipating her promised welcome home attention, she was gone.

Day eighteen and the baby blues continued.

Next up on the hook is Paranormal Author Catherine Greene

What’s New with Vallory Vance – September 2013 Update

Next up is a short story about a weekend encounter between co-workers. I was inspired by an actual event between me and a friend (really he’s one of my best friends).

After leaving one of our favorite lunch time designations, we both noticed an odd look from the valet.

I turned to my gorgeous, bronzed friend and asked, “Do you think he thinks we’re together?”

“Uh, uh, he’s probably thinking, ‘I wonder if she knows he’s gay and it doesn’t matter how many times she flips her hair over her shoulder?’”

There was an expletive for my friend while we waited for his car to be pulled in front of the restaurant, but it got me thinking about the idea of the ‘work boyfriend’.

This is the dangerous male, whether alpha, beta or gamma, that women spend eight to ten hours a day with.

They know exactly what we like because there is no pre-dating pretense involved. Human Nature says that they will provide those amenities in order to get what they want. Hence my friend treated me to sushi (not his favorite) knowing that I’d reciprocate with completing his data entry prior to leaving early on a sunny Friday afternoon.

But my writer’s mind stepped ahead. What if it were much more than that?

The end of the year of short story, yet untitled was born!

Stay tuned on that front.

In the meantime, there is The Beginning of Forever to keep you warm and tingling:

TheBeginningofForeverAll Romance:

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Hump Day Hook – Christmas 2014

It’s time for the Hump Day Hook! A group of authors sharing a small bit of their WIPs or already released works. Click the icon to discover your next great read!


This RAW snippet comes from a WIP novella, I hope to complete by Christmas submission time in 2014 so by the end of June or late July 2014….August 2014 if I limit my publishing options. In this exchange, Ada Haynes is checking into a bed and breakfast in her ex-husband’s home town of Willow Springs, GA during the Christmas holiday.

photo_66781_20111209“Well, I used to visit this area with my ex-husband and we always ate there.”

At the word, husband, Mr. Ballard cocked his head to the side at a sharp angle that swung his hair into his suddenly nquisitive eyes. “Is that right?”

Willow Spring was a small town tucked high in the mountains of Georgia. A local husband most likely meant that she’d been married into one of the few residing African-American families. She hadn’t.

Ada let his mind tick over the possibilities, unable to contain the width of the smile straining her against her cheeks. She’d always enjoyed the shock of someone finding out that she’d been married to a member of one of the town’s founding families, Tolbert McCrae. “And the lights in the square, do they still have those?”

Happy hopping and wish me luck! The next stop is Elin Gregory.

Two Book Spotlight – Jilted and Halo’s Wish

Sweet ‘n Steamy Blog Tour

Sweet 'n Steamy Blog Tour

You can find all the blog stops here:

Book Title: Jilted

Author: Kara Leigh Miller

Publisher: Books to Go Now

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 9.15.2013

Length: 49K

Heat Rating: Hot

Jilted CoverBook Blurb:

Amy and Brett have been friends since they were kids; and their friendship has withstood the test of time. But can it withstand Brett’s fiancée, Vanessa?

Brett Hudson has often wondered what it would be like to be more than Amy’s friend, but when he’s chosen as the newest professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars, he meets Vanessa, one of the shows costume designers and it’s a whirlwind romance that ends in a wedding proposal. As the big day draws closer, Brett begins to think that marrying Vanessa might be a bad idea. She wants him to give up Amy. Completely. Will he give up his best friend for the woman he’s supposed to marry?

Amy King is heartbroken to learn that Brett is marrying another woman. But, when Brett is jilted at the altar, he begs Amy to go on his honeymoon with him. A week on a tropical island with her best friend, the man she’s fantasized about for years is a dream come true for Amy. But when Brett suggests crossing the line from friends to lovers, Amy is reluctant. Will she risk years of friendship for one night of passion?

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Barnes & Noble:


“It’s because you go for the wrong type of guy,” Brett said matter-of-factly, pouring a third shot down his throat. “Those muscle bound jocks are all bark and no bite. They look good on the outside, but they’re a mess on the inside.”

Amy threw a piece of ice at him and laughed. “And the goody two shoes, school teacher types you date are much better?”

“Nope.” He grinned. “Which is why we’re both still single.”

She sighed. “Yeah, so much for my dream of having kids.”

“You’re young. I’m sure you’ll find someone.” He drank his last shot and chased it with his beer.

“I’m thirty, Brett. By the time I find a man, date him, and get married, I’ll be an old hag with no viable eggs.”

The thought of Amy finding a man to marry and have kids with didn’t sit well with him. He couldn’t stomach the thought of losing her. “I’ll tell you what.” He leaned across the table and pointed at her. “Three years from now, if neither of us are married, I’ll marry you and give you as many babies as you want.” Brett’s words were slurred. Yup. He was definitely drunk. He wouldn’t have made that proposition otherwise.

“Yeah right.” Amy rolled her eyes. “You and me? That would be like fucking my brother. Thanks, but no thanks.”

He flinched at her words. “You think of me as your brother?” That bothered him a lot more than it should, especially considering he’d never once thought of her as a sister.

She shrugged. “We’re best friends. How else would I think of you?” Amy glanced away, and then set her gaze on him again. “Why? How do you think of me?”

Oh shit! He hadn’t expected the conversation to backfire on him like that. What was he supposed to tell her? That he thought of her as a best friend that he wanted to fuck? No, he definitely couldn’t tell her that. “As a friend, I guess. I don’t know. It’s not like I sit around and think about how I should think of you. You’re Amy.”

“And you’re drunk.”

“Maybe a little.” He grinned. “So, do we have a deal or what?”

Author Bio:

Kara is a multi-published romance author who dabbles in young adult, new adult, paranormal, and contemporary romances. However, her genre of choice will always be erotic romance. She’s a member of the CNY Writers Haven and the Romance Writers of America. Writing is her passion and she loves to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with her fellow authors and her fans.

Today, Kara resides in Upstate New York with her husband, five kids, three cats, and two dogs. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s spending time with her family and friends.

Nothing excites Kara more than hearing from her fans. So, send her a note. She’ll go total fan girl over it!

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Book Title: Halo’s Wish

Author: Sharon Kleve

Publisher: Books to Go Now

Genre: Sweet Contemporary Christmas Romance

Release Date: 9.15.2013

Length: 11K

Heat Rating: Sweet

Halo WishBook Blurb:

Halo Ann Carlyle wishes for a home, family, and a boat-load of pets. What she gets is a bruised hip, a lump on the head, a broken ankle, and her new yellow Honda Civic is demolished.

 Rich McFarland, a sexy veterinarian, keeps showing up in the most unexpected places, promising everything she’s ever wanted.

 Halo believes she only has time to pursue her career as a pet detective and must ignore her growing attraction to achieve her dreams.

Will Halo trust her heart, and find a way to get both for Christmas?

Buy Links:

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Barnes & Noble:


She’d just placed another call through to Pemsky’s office, which went straight to his voicemail, when the office door opened. Halo smiled and looked up into dreamy, gold-flecked green eyes, short sandy brown hair, a slight cleft chin, and full lips set in a hard line. Even with the stern look he had on his face, my hormones jumped into overdrive.

Mr. Dreamy cleared his throat—she must’ve been staring. In her most professional voice she said, “Good morning. How may I help you?”

He removed a piece of paper from his shirt pocket and unfolded the sheet.

“I was parked in front of the Beacon Hill Ale House and my driver’s side mirror was sideswiped by one of Pemsky’s Security’s SUV’s Friday night.”

Halo loved the Beacon Hill Ale House. Every Saturday night the Ale House allowed local bands to jam together. That’s where she’d met her last loser boyfriend. She’d had a lot of loser boyfriends. She’s currently on a hiatus from dating, but she wouldn’t mind jumping back into the dating game for this dream-boat.

He handed her the piece of paper.

“I wasn’t able to get a look at the driver, but I got the license plate number of the vehicle that hit my car and drove away.”

He emphasized the last part.

“I’m very sorry about your car. I’m sure Mr. Pemsky will be happy to cover the damage.” Halo checked the company log and Pemsky’s name popped up as the driver—she gulped.

Author Bio:

Sharon Kleve was born and raised in Washington and currently lives on the Olympic Peninsula with her husband.

Sharon is a writer of paranormal and contemporary romance. She loves romance. She loves reading romance, living romance, and especially loves writing about romance. She gets no greater feeling than watching her characters come alive in each other’s arms. Most of all, she loves giving her characters the happily ever after they deserve—with a few bumps and bruises along the way.

One of her favorite things to do is picking up a new book and sinking into the story, immersing herself in the emotions between the characters. She hopes to inspire her readers the same way her favorite authors have inspired her.

When not writing, she can usually be found either curled up in her recliner with her cat and a good book, or in the kitchen baking sourdough bread or bagels.

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A Little Lagniappe – Hero Worship Week 2013

hot heart japan blueI had a lot of fun this past week on the blog. I loved the creative work that the authors did for their posts. I loved the characters that we met and the real life heroine!

Now on to the lagniappe. If you didn’t know, lagniappe means something extra especially something unexpected. This is a New Orleans word and I don’t know if it is French, Franglish or Creole but it’s a word.

My extra gift to you is a $10.00 gift card for either Amazon or Barnes & Noble!  Just let me know who you discovered this week or which book boyfriend made you say yummy! One commenter will be announced on Tuesday because we have guests on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Boyfriend Tag with Sexy Schemer –Jaxon Grey

hot heart japan blueHi Vallory. Thanks for inviting my hero Jax from my latest book Persuasion Skills over to chill. He’s always eager to talk about his lady Pepper. Pepper and Jax are best friends and business partners. Their road to love was a long one, based on years of friendship. Jax is my favorite type of hero—a smart schemer. He has no problem using both his brain, charm and persuasion skills to get what he wants, oh boy does he want Pepper!

Me:  Okay let’s get started. She’s sitting in front of the TV what is on the screen? 

Jax: Sense and Sensibility. My girl has a strange obsession with Alan Rickman. I’d be jealous if I didn’t know I could out smart him any day.

Me: Hmmm. I keep forgetting that I gave you a hefty sense of arrogance. Okay moving on, you go out to eat and have a drink what does Pepper order?

Jax: Passion fruit mojito. Pepper’s family is from the Caribbean and her drink of choice is always a mojito.

Me: Okay here’s an easy one, what’s her eye color?

Jax: She’s got the warmest brown eyes I’ve ever seen. One look and you want to give her everything she asks for…well except her car keys, and an escape route…

Me: What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn’t?

Jax: Well… (Shifting uncomfortably) I can be a little bit of an…overzealous planner. Some people might consider it scheming, but I think they don’t understand the importance of a good plan.

Me: Yeah that might be the understatement of the year. Did she play any sports when she was younger?

Jax: Hey, you’re the one wrote the book. Or are you going to blame that girl Muse again. Anyway, Pep doesTae kwon do. She took lessons when she was a kid and let me just say, she didn’t let a single skill go to waste! If there’s anyone I’d want next to me in a bar fight it would be her. Actually, she would probably be the one who started the fight (rubbing his chin). I could probably stop and finish my drink and watch the carnage she’s sure to cause.

Me: Yeah she is a bit of a bad ass. Okay how about another easy question. What could she spend hours doing?

Jax: Arguing. Pepper loves a good argument and I have to admit she looks damned good when she’s doing it. Her breathing gets all hitched, and does it amazing things to her cleavage. Arguing with Pep is a great form of foreplay.

Me: I have a feeling that Pepper may take exception to your response.  What is one unique talent she has?

Jax: Driving me crazy. She’s amazing at it. I think she goes out of her way to think of ways to mess with me. She’s evil and I love it.

Me: Okay, where did you two meet?

Jax: In college. I helped you out of a kind of …delicate situation.

Me: Alright last question (grinning). Who wears the pants in the relationship?

Jax: I plead the fifth on this one. What are you trying to do? Set me up? We both love control, but if it were up to me neither one of us would be wearing pants most of the time anyway.

 Persuasion Skills, An Excerpt

960959_535332353215984_1329329823_nLCremantMarching into the main room, she confronted her friend-come-raving-lunatic.

“Forget Misery. You’re in definite Psycho territory here!”

A tint of red darkened his cheeks. At least he had the decency to blush. His show of embarrassment gave her hope that there was still a chance to reason with him.

“I know it looks bad”

“Looks bad? Looks bad? Jesus, Jax, you bought a closet full of clothes!”

“I didn’t want you to get cold. You’re such a Miami girl.”

“And my shampoo?”

“I wanted you to feel at home.”

“And the drawer filled with lingerie?”

He grinned at her. Stupid, sexy dimples.

“Okay, that one was more for me than you, but you can’t blame a guy for being hopeful.”

She stared at him and tried to take deep, calming breaths.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

“What exactly is your grand plan here? What are we supposed to accomplish trapped up on this mountain?”

He planted his arms across his chest and gave her a long, unreadable look.

“We live here for one week, like a real married couple,” he said finally.

She opened her mouth to retort, but he cut her off.

“Consider this a trial run. If at the end of the seven days, you’re not convinced we’ll be amazing together, I’ll let you walk away, and I’ll drop the whole thing.”

“I can’t just not go back to Miami, I have work—”

“I called your assistant this morning. She’s cleared your schedule for the next week.”

“My family—”

“All think you’re on a much-needed and overdue vacation. They say ‘Hi,’ by the way.”

Her left eyelid trembled. Was it possible to develop a chronic tick in a matter of minutes?

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

“And how exactly is a real couple supposed to live?”

“We do the things any other vacationing couple would do. We spend time with each other, go on walks, have romantic dinners.” He sent her a heavy lidded gaze. “We sleep together,” he said huskily.

Her body heated at his words, and her mouth went dry at the thought of being in a bed with him again. She let her gaze drift to his crotch and bit back a moan. He was most definitely aroused.

As if sensing her gaze, she could swear she saw his cock thump against his zipper.

She drew her gaze away from the hypnotic view as he made his way towards her with long, smooth steps.

“I’m not having sex with you again,” she said shakily. “That’s what got us into this mess to begin with. If we hadn’t slept together in the first place, you wouldn’t be proposing marriage right now.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” He placed a hand on her lower back and drew her into his warmth.

The look in his eyes had her catching her breath. Crazy Jax she could handle. Aroused Jax was a whole other story.

He leaned down and nuzzled her throat with his nose before whispering in her ear.

“The sex only helps prove my point, but I’ll make you a deal.”

Her stomach quivered at the feel of his lips at the flesh of her ear. She cleared her throat before responding.

“Does it involve you coming to your senses?”

The rumble of his chuckle vibrated up his chest and against her sensitive nipples as one of his hands smoothed down her back and squeezed her ass.

“No, but it should put you at ease.”

His meandering hand was making it hard for her to concentrate. All she could do was snort in reply, silently begging her hips not to give in and rub against him.

“For the next seven days, we get to pet each other as much as we want, fondle and taste to our heart’s content, but I won’t fuck you, Pep,” he said while nibbling at the soft skin of her throat.

It took a minute for her lust-addled brain to process his statement.

“But you said—”

He lifted his head and placed a soft, too-short kiss on her lips before stepping away.

“I said we’ll sleep together. Before we have sex again, I want you fully willing to be my wife and nothing less,” he said, a serious expression flattening his lips.

She searched his eyes, but his gaze didn’t waver. She grasped at the last life-line she could find.

“I don’t think I can be what you need, Jax.”

“And what exactly do you think I need?”

“I’m not exactly a submissive kind of woman,” she said.

She frowned as he snorted at her statement.

“No shit.”

“I’m serious, Jax. I don’t think I can be the type of woman you seem to want. Our night together was good—”

“Amazing,” he said firmly. “It was amazing.”

“Whatever, fine amazing,” she said, not wanting to go down that road at the moment. “But I’m not wired to be bossed around and told what to do. You want a submissive woman, and I’m just not that.”

He shook his head sadly at her. It hurt to see his look of disappointment, but it was what she expected. She wouldn’t take her words back because they were the truth. As much as she enjoyed him dominating her in bed she knew that the bedroom was as far as she would allow it.

“Pep, if I wanted a submissive woman, we wouldn’t even be here right now.”


“Do I want to tie you down and fuck you senseless? Hell yeah. I can’t wait to see you bound and spread-eagled for me again.”

He reached up and cupped her heated cheeks, tilting her face up to meet his gaze.

“And I can’t wait to see your nipples in pretty little clamps, tight and hard just begging to be sucked.”

Her breathing was way past erratic, but she couldn’t look away from his heated gaze.

“But that’s where it ends. It stays with sex. I like your kick-ass attitude, Pep. I don’t want a woman who isn’t willing to argue and fight. What I prefer in the bedroom doesn’t extend to the rest of our relationship.”

Her heart sank as she saw her chances of surviving the next week with her heart unscathed deteriorate in a pile of ash.

“I don’t want to change who you are, Pep. I just want to prove that we work together. Give this week a chance,” he said.

A heavy sigh worked its way past the lump in her throat.

“You’ve got yourself a deal, Mr. Grey,” she told him.

It almost hurt to see his answering smile of relief.

“Well, Mrs. Grey, I think it’s time for lunch. How ’bout I fix you a grilled cheese sandwich and then we head out for a walk?” He pulled her back in for a hug.

She laid her head on his chest and breathed in his scent. She had a fleeting thought that traipsing around in the woods with him sounded like fun. Apparently, insanity was contagious.

“Yeah, sure. Why the hell not?”

 Persuasion Skills by Laurel Cremant

In the aftermath of a major health scare, Pepper Holts makes the relief-inspired decision to seize the day. Unfortunately, most of her “seizing” involves a bit of merlot and her best friend’s pants! After a shared night of passion she realizes that her feelings for Jax are a lot more complicated than she ever thought.

Jax has finally realized that his allergy to marriage has nothing to do with the institution itself, and everything to do with the women in his bed—or more specifically, the one woman not in his bed. Her reaction to their one night together has him scrambling to regroup. So he does what he knows best—he disappears, and he thinks. The plan?—convince Pepper into staying with him at a secluded cabin for one week. One week of pretending to be a happily married couple to show her how great they could be together.



Laurel is a romance author, who like most writers loves to read. Her first love (pun intended) has always been romance. From the sappy YA romance novel to the more risqué erotica novels, Laurel is a sucker for a good love story.

Laurel writes paranormal and contemporary romance and is a self proclaimed, out of the closet nerd. She admits that she can’t seem to avoid adding a bit of “nerdology” or “geek-dom” to all of her books. Living in Miami, she also admits that she can’t seem to avoid giving her heroines gorgeous shoes, “In Miami, we worship everything strappy, open toed and just plain hot!”



Our Vamp Hero for the Day – Stefan Lifsten

hot heart japan blue

Odyssey (The Vampire Destiny Series Companion Book 1)

Book Blurb

In this first Companion Piece to The Vampire Destiny Series, we follow our hero, Stefan Lifsten, from the time of his human death, through his early years as a vampire until he meets Josephine Anderson, his fated mate.

We’ll travel along with him during his initial struggles to accept his immortality, his betrayals by friends and foes, and experience his joy of meeting the woman from his vision…experiencing Fated and Illusion through his eyes.

This book is a Companion to The Vampire Destiny Series and will feature missing scenes and character information. While this book can be read as a stand-alone, it is highly recommended that you read Fated and Illusion to fully experience this book.

*This book contains sexy vampires, graphic language and highly erotic scenes that are not for those 18 and under or are of the faint of heart. Consider yourself warned.*

And in honor of this book release, I’m giving away a 6” Kindle with all 6 of my eBooks!  If you go to, you can enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway!

giveaway picture annouce

Excerpt from Odyssey


“Stefan, I’m sorry.  I…”

Shaking my head, I held up my hand to stop her words.  “Vackra, I only wanted to turn one other person in my life.  You.”  I let out a resigned sigh.  “Plans change.  Anna will have to adjust to this life and she may not be happy if and when she awakes.  You must prepare yourself for that.”

Rubbing her forehead with her palm, she rested her head against her hand.  “So she’ll hate me for begging you to change her.  And then she’ll hate you for doing it.”

I crouched down beside of her and my expression softened.  “Do not be sorry and you cannot worry about the what-if’s now.  You love your friend and wanted to save her.  I understand.  We will deal with the consequences of this together.”

I stood, offering her my outstretched hand.  “Come with me, vackra.  I started the shower for us.”

“Should I stay with her?”  Josephine asked.  She wanted to go with me, but she was hesitant to leave her friend unattended.

“Josephine, she is fine.  We still have a plane to catch.  We just have an extra passenger now,” I uttered softly.  “Shower with me.”

Letting go of Anna’s hand, she reached for mine.  She followed me into the bathroom and watched as I tore my bloody, ruined clothing from my body.  When I was finished, I faced her and my eyes peered into hers.

“I want to see you,” I murmured.  I stepped closer and took her arms in my hand, inspecting the angry, red marks that still encircled her wrists.  My eyes closed for a moment and I inhaled a shaky, unnecessary breath as my fingers gingerly traced the welts on her skin.  I wanted to torture Derek all over again for hurting her.  I should have never let her come here alone.

My eyes reopened and I swallowed unevenly. Gathering my resolve, I licked my lips and nodded, my hand releasing her arms.  I raised my hand to brush my thumb over the bruise that was forming on her cheekbone, letting the backs of my fingers trail down the side of her face.

“Stefan, sweetheart.  It’s over.”  She cupped her hand against my rough cheek.  “You can’t kill him again.”

I swallowed again and pressed my face against her hand.  I said nothing, my eyes unblinking.

“Stefan?  You have to talk to me,” she said softly.

I shook my head and my jaw clenched.  I stood taller and simply stared down into her eyes.  How could she love me after everything she had seen?  I had killed a creature in front of her eyes without any remorse or second thought.

“If you won’t let me see what you’re thinking you have to tell me.”

The corner of my lip flinched.  When I finally spoke, my voice was deep and filled with bitterness.  “You saw what and who I am today.  I want him to meet a thousand deaths for what he did to you.  I longed to torture him for days, punishing him for touching you.  Is that what you wished to hear me say?”

“What you did today isn’t you.  It’s only part of who you are,” she retorted softly.  “Will holding on to this change what he did, Stefan?”

“No.”  I grunted and my eyes traced along her discolored cheekbone.  “However, it would satisfy the selfish part of me that wants vengeance.”

Her hand lowered from my face to rest against my silent chest, placing her hand over where my heart would be beating if I were still alive.  “You have to let this go, Stefan.  Let this go for you, for me.  For us.  He’s dead and you saved me.”

“You watched as I savagely killed a creature in front of you.  I tell you how I wanted him to suffer more and it is you that soothes me.  You have to see the absurdity in this,” I marveled.  I gathered up her shirt and ripped it up the middle, dropping the scraps of material to the bathroom floor.  I made short work of removing her jeans, tossing them to join the growing pile of destroyed clothing.

I lifted her into the shower with me and the spray of hot water ran over us, the water dripping red trails down my chest as it ran over my tangled, bloody hair.

“Sit down.  Let me wash your hair.”  She pointed to the seat in the corner.

I wordlessly obeyed and sat on the small bench, my large frame filling the entire corner of the shower.  I closed my eyes as she lathered my hair with shampoo, and a purring sound grumbled in my chest as her nails scratched over my scalp.  Grabbing the handheld attachment, she rinsed my hair and watched as the pink suds disappeared, revealing my clean hair.  Reaching for the bar of soap, she washed me, her slick, bubbly hands running over every curve and muscle of my body.  When she finished, she lowered her lips to my mouth.  Her hand gripped the back of my neck, pulling my lips to hers.  Her tongue slipped between my lips, seeking out mine.  When they met, I moaned into her mouth, my fingers running through her hair.

I dragged her onto my lap, our embrace never breaking.  She only raised her lips from mine for a moment to catch her breath and I buried my head between her breasts, leaving her to wrap her arms around me and hold me as I breathed in deeply against her wet skin.

“You saw me at my darkest moment, yet somehow you still manage to love me.”

She pressed her cheek against my damp hair.  “I’ll always love all of you.  Everything was wrong until you made it right.”

My shoulders shook in response to her words.  All she could do was hold me to her and let me have this moment while the shower rained down on us.


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About Alexandra Anthony

Alexandra Anthony is the independent author of two romantic, erotic book series:

The Vampire Destiny Series and The Dark Hart Chronicles.  Both feature sexy vampires to die for, steamy love scenes and follow the twists and turns of her character’s many adventures.  Her books are not for the faint of heart.

She was most recently featured in USA Today in an article by Joyce Lamb titled, “It’s time to put some Paranormal Activity into your Reading” and was featured under Self-Published/Indie Authors for the release of Ascend (The Vampire Destiny Series Book 4).  Her paranormal, erotic romance Tempted (The Dark Hart Chronicles Book 1) was nominated for Best Erotica in the 2013 Orangeberry Hall of Fame Contest.

Ms. Anthony is from the Midwest (Ohio to be precise) and was bitten by the lure of the vampire at an early age.  She chose to take up writing and put her own twist on these mysterious immortal creatures…making them day-walkers that could easily blend in with their human counterparts.  She also enjoys weaving Old Norse and Greek Mythology into her stories, adding a bit of realism into escapism.

Coming up on the horizon for Alexandra will be the second book in The Dark Hart Chronicles, Rapture.  It is slated for a late fall/early winter release.

You can find out more information about me on my website,


Hero Worship Week’s Real Life Heroine – Corinthia


5-LTJG C Price Promotion Ceremony 13 Feb 12

I’m a LTJG (Lieutenant Junior Grade) in the US Navy (Reservist) (O-2). I’m 41 years old, married with 6 children, 2 girls, 4 boys, oldest child my daughter is deceased. I have 8 grandchildren, 4 girls and 4 boys. This is my second deployment, the first one was to Alsad, Iraq. I’ve been in the military for 13 years. I’m a Supply Corps Officer in the Navy.

Thank you, Corinthia for the sacrifices you make to serve our country.

4-LTJG C Price Promotion Ceremony 13 Feb 12

Chatting with Ayden Stone

henry blue t shirt“My name is Ayden Stone I am 32, the founder and M.D, or as our American cousins might say C.E.O. of ASMI. I have the good fortune to be featured in the first part of The Story of Us Trilogy written by Sydney Jamesson.

In ‘TouchStone for play,’ Elizabeth Parker narrates the story of our love affair; how it began and the sometimes turbulent nature of our love. She includes everything, omits nothing. Reveals a little too much at times … {smiles}

Beth and I met purely by accident some might say but, personally, I think it had more to do with the alignment of stars and planets. It was a fateful and fortuitous meeting. I was giving a speech to her pupils about careers in media and she was the meet and greet person. There was just something about her that touched a nerve. She had the bluest eyes, the colour of a summer sky; she seemed to be concealing her beauty behind unflattering clothes and glasses but I could see the beauty within. She had an aura {laughs} I know that sounds melodramatic but it’s the only way I can describe it.  It radiated from her like a halo. She had this adorable habit of biting her thumb nail when she was nervous. I made her nervous. She made me sweat.

When I left her it was with the feeling I couldn’t let her go; let her slip through my fingers like liquid gold. I sent her flowers and the poem Desire by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, hoping she would be moved by the sentiment; moved enough to meet me at the Apollo Theatre for a production of Romeo & Juliet two nights later.

She did.

From that moment on our fate was sealed. I saw how, in such a short time, she had blossomed. Gone were those prim & proper clothes, gone the unkempt hair, gone the glasses. She was beauty personified, inside and out.  At that very moment, I knew I would do or say anything to win her heart.

I did.

We spent an unforgettable night together. I made concessions for her inexperience and she conquered my arrogance with no more than a smile. She has many talents, some I’d rather not go into now. But … her biggest talent is her capacity for compassion; she is as intuitive as she is beautiful and as smart as hell. She keeps me on my toes. {laughs}

I’m not the easiest guy to be around, I know that. And there are aspects of my past I’m none too proud of but … for all that I’m so ready to share my life with Beth. I thought I had everything yet, I realise now I was unsatisfied. I’d had been looking for something, for someone. For her.

I thank my lucky stars she waited. She’ll tell you she was waiting to be found … if it was by me, remains to be seen.

She loves her music and it’s become a massive part of our relationship; often, when I can’t find the words, someone has put them to music and I go with that. Beth’s eclectic taste in music has become the soundtrack to her life. Now we’re creating our own. It’s The Story of Us in music and it’s a beautiful thing.

I don’t consider myself anyone’s hero … I’m a hard working guy who been around the block a couple of times but only now is learning to love. I’ll fuck up! But it won’t be for lack of trying, it will be because I don’t know any better. {smiles}

You’ll have to read ‘TouchStone for play’ to find out how I do …

Be good!

Ayden Stone

TouchStone for play by Sydney  JamessonThe Story of Us Trilogy begins …

Twenty seven year old English teacher Elizabeth Parker is waiting to be found. Like the secrets of her past, her beauty is hidden, concealed behind modest clothes and a gentle nature. Into her secluded world enter two powerful men.

Handsome playboy, Ayden Stone is flawless and as skilled in the bedroom as he is in the boardroom. He has a taste for rare and beautiful things and he wants to taste her: he’ll do anything to make it happen.

Uninitiated in the art of seduction, Beth embarks upon a voyage of sexual awakening, allowing Ayden to steer her towards deep and dangerous waters, unaware of their fateful connection.    

From a distance former boxer, Dan Rizler, bides his time but never loses sight of the object of his desire: precious Miss Parker. His tormented soul reaches out to her with merciless hands. He must have her.

This is a modern fairy tale full of romantic moments, music and monstrous encounters. Elizabeth Parker is about to be found, but will she be bound by her destiny or by her demon …

So who’s Sydney Jamesson?

Sydneyjamesson Website3Seldom does a writer appear out of the mist, fully formed and equipped to introduce the world to their ‘perfect’ prose. More often than not it has taken years and, in the case of Sydney Jamesson, decades; to come to the point where she can say: “I’m ready. This is it, I’m done!”

Now is that time.

She has always scribbled things down; in her home is one enormous waste paper basket full of discarded phrases, opening lines and pieces of dialogue that have hit her like lightening in the middle of the night or whilst parked up at a set of traffic lights.

She has worked in Insurance, Fashion and in advertising as a Copywriter and Commercial Journalist and loved every minute of it. For the past 15 years she has been and English Teacher. But … for as long as she can remember she has lived with The Story of Us in her head.

The fact Elizabeth Parker is an English teacher should come as no surprise: novelists write, initially, about what they know … Yet, she confesses, Elizabeth is not her but rather that young, sensitive and naïve woman we all were or still are.

So that’s her, furiously typing away until the early hours, creating an epic tale that covers an 18 month period, taking three novels to unveil the intricacies of a 21st century fairy tale.

TouchStone for play is just the beginning …

Find Sydney online: