My First Dallas Romance Writer’s of America Meeting

magic pen (series C)I finally did it and attended a meeting of the Dallas’s chapter of Romance Writer’s of America. I was so nervous going in. I carefully planned my outfit, cooked breakfast and lunch for my kiddos before I left the house for the 9:30 AM meeting. With all my fastidious planning, I was three minutes late.

I shuffled over to the first empty seat I saw and sat down. So now I add embarrassment to nervousness, because the President was already talking. I nodded ‘hi’ to the women at my table and got a few nods in return.

Then I focused on the President.

Some interesting things I learned about the group awards:

For the self-published, you must earn $1000.00 in sales for a particular work to get a ceremonial flower. As a self-publisher, this got my attention. First that the category was mentioned and secondly, that it based on a monetary value. To me that says that the better marketer is an actual author, but that’s just me.

There is a pin given to members who have received rejection letters since the last meeting. Yay! The group recognizes the work it took to get that rejection letter – the long hours of writing and the tiny droplets of blood squeezed from your eyes when trying to think of the right word.

Next up were the speakers and I loved their presentation. Even though I don’t write or necessarily read romances based on mythology, they may have hooked me. Kelly Lee and Sasha Summers write romance using two different perspectives of Greek mythology. Ms. Lee links the supernatural into an urban fantasy and Ms. Summers writes as if the historical legend is the reality.

Next up in the meeting by the request of the speakers was to develop a romance based on a myth. I was too shy to share at the meeting but here is mine for the Vallory V readers:

The Greek myth says that the cursed hunter Narcissus, son of a river god and nymph, falls in love with his reflection on the bank of a river and stares at it until he dies.

The one who so cursed him was Nemesis, the spirit of retribution against those who showed arrogance before the gods.

And Narcissus was an arrogant, beautiful man.

Here’s my twist – a river spirit is also in love with the handsome man staring down at his reflection. She disrupts the stillness of his reflection until it is no longer recognizable. In those few seconds before Nemesis can act, the hunter glimpses the most beautiful thing he has ever seen – the spirit, Astrapi.

He dives in after her.

Happily ever after? Not quite, Nemesis is pissed!

I was so happy with myself and couldn’t say a thing.

We continued with the rest of the meeting and I left.

I would like to go back to the next meeting because it sounds just as informative. Do you want hear the but?

No one said ‘hi’ to me.

I’m over myself I’m going back. If no one ever speaks to me, I’ll get some great ideas for writing!

Happy Reading and Writing and Meeting ~ Val




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