One Stormy Night Cover Reveal

Before we get to the cover for One Stormy Night, let’s talk about this short story. I began writing this a while ago and tucked it away.

After reading a few books from the Evernight Publishing line called Romance on the Go, I thought about Alexis and Shane. This would be a perfect place for these two. Their story is not a novel length work, but it is sweet and sexy and deserved more than space on my hard drive. A big thank you to Evernight Publishing for thinking so, as well!

***And here it is***

OSNAlexis Joplin enjoys the perfect working relationship with her co-host on the popular travel show, Overnight Stays. Not only does her charismatic partner act as her mentor in the television industry, but he brings her coffee for early morning meetings.

Shane Fowler has endured raised eyebrows and nagging questions from his closest associates about exactly why he and Alexis are always together. His usual response of just friends has become a joke around the studio. Even for him, it’s beginning to feel like a lie.

On their final trip before Shane begins a new position, he and Alexis find themselves in the midst of a late summer storm. But is it only lightning sparking through the night sky or is something just as heated brewing between them?

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