What Brings You to the Blog?

For November there was not a lot of posting going on. I was busy with NaNoWriMo. (Which I finished! See the badge below.)


So what kept readers visiting the page – the great authors who stopped in to share their work and these insightful search engine terms:

  • erotic short stories – You’ll find some great authors on this site!
  • any fiction fanfiction authors out there that writes interracial romance stories /african american male caucasian woman – Michel Prince has a great story called Silly Girl
  • male romance authors – Post by Stacy Deanne
  • interracial multicultural romance book site – There’s plenty of that on here.
  • read after party by vallory vance – Thank you!
  • shifter romance – Just had Elodie Parkes and Kassanna on the blog.
  • هارد سكس (I wish I knew what this meant!)
  • sexy boyfrend tag! – Kevin Miller 🙂
  • dragons ward by leteisha ward – LeTeisha Newton stopped in to chat.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be lining up guests and promise to be back sharing my writing neurosis with you on a regular basis!

Happy Reading and Writing,


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