And the Blog Hops Have It- Ten Most Popular Blog Posts of 2013

This tells me that either I need to up my game as a blogger or that blog hops are King. The majority of the top ten read posts of 2013 were a part of blog hops, check them out below:

Happy New Year - champagne and party decoration

  1. New Year’s Blog Hop – 2013
  2. Male Romance Authors: Do You Read Them?
  3. Chatting with Ayden Stone
  4. Hump Day Hook – Christmas 2014
  5. Hero Worship Week’s Real Life Heroine – Corinthia
  6. Lady Amber’s Author’s Blog Hop – 2013
  7. Sparks Will Fly Blog Hop – 2013
  8. After Party – New Sensual Short
  9. The Loving Day Blog Hop ~ 2013
  10. The Regency Era and Romance by Anya Wylde

Only two posts were not part of a larger organized event – After Party –  New Sensual Short and The Regency Era and Romance by Anya Wylde.

Going forward into 2014, I realize I have to become more engaging as a blogger. However, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the hops as much as I have.

Happy Reading


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