Writers Reviewing Writers with Vallory Vance

photo (2)Here’s the question, I asked last month – Should writers in the same genre review each other? I got some responses so check back to get other writer’s opinions. Here’s mine:

I read quite a bit. Not as much as I did before I started writing, but still a lot. There are books I don’t like. There are some I love. There are some I think are okay.

Will I post these up on Amazon or Goodreads or this blog? If I’m asked to I will. Or if I just love them and have to tell somebody, then sure. What if I hated it? Nope. I’ll keep that to myself.

Why? Because I know how difficult the work was to create in the first place. I know there was time away from families and sleepless nights involved in putting that story out there and I know how negative reviews sting.

It’s also self-preservation for my writing dreams. I want to be a part of the small community of interracial romance writers and a supporter of the genre. I don’t want to be one of it’s detractors. There are enough of those without me.

My two cents – Kristen Strassel will give hers this weekend.

Happy Reading!




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