Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today, I’ll be hanging out with my kids as hubby is away on a sales trip and won’t be home until Sunday. Of course I got the chocolate before he left. Now that’s not romantic in any fashion, but that’s my life.

Thank goodness, I have the fictional life of others to make me all warm and fuzzy on Valentine’s Day even though I get the all the pillows for the next few nights.

***The Couple***

If you haven’t met Darcey and Vincent, I think they may be having a spectacular Valentine’s Day…and night.

Cheers (1)Darcey St. Claire met Vincent Guidry in a posh hotel in New Orleans on New Year’s Eve. Though he was fourteen years her senior and her VIP client, the naturally flirtatious Darcey couldn’t stay away from the handsome former quarterback.

She broke the cardinal rule of hotel sales – You don’t sleep with your client.

Vincent made that part easy with his gleaming blue eyes, rock hard body, and attitude which said he was entitled to have anything he wanted.

BookCoverImageAmazonIn the follow up to their steamy meeting, Vincent Guidry gave up on the thought of Darcey as a casual fling. The young woman had rooted herself into his thoughts and refused to budge.

He’d showered her with everything his wealth could provide and yet she pushed away from him at every turn. Though her copper eyes sparkled, he hadn’t missed the glint of sadness.

What he wouldn’t give to wipe it away.

Their story is done but I don’t think Vincent is done with the showering of gifts for this woman. What is Darcey getting for Valentine’s Day? Here’s a few hints to help with your answers.

  • Vincent’s first gift to Darcey was a set of platinum earrings with pink diamond centers.
  • Darcey is a first generation American. Her father is from Jamaica and her mother is from England.
  • Vincent has never traveled outside of the US.
  • Darcey is a huge fan of the Miami Dolphins.
  • Darcey is a clothes whore. This is the woman who would rather shop than eat.

There you are readers, for your chance to win a $10.00 iTunes gift card to be sent via US mail, tell me what Vincent is getting Darcey for Valentine’s Day.

The winner will be chosen at random by Random.org among those who answer the question. The winner will be contacted by Vallory Vance via email so be sure to leave your email addy.

Winner will be announced on Monday, February 17th. Another holiday? Maybe he’ll do something really big!


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