Not an Alpha…But I Think He’s Sexy

Originally posted on the Luscious Literaries blog!

In one of my writer groups, a member shared that she’d submitted a menage piece for an anthology that wasn’t accepted. What she learned from the rejection was what she’d felt while she was writing – she doesn’t write menage at this point in her career. Maybe one day. But not now.

Male model smileI felt her pain. I don’t write the quintessential alpha male. I like to read about the domineering hero who doesn’t take ‘no’ for answer not even from a feisty heroine until he absolutely can’t breathe. I’ve fallen in love with quite a few of those heroes.

However, I don’t channel them and I’ve tried.

Instead from me you’ll get a mix of brains and brawn and not a lot of cunning. These are men who feel that pull of attraction immediately, but are willing to wait for their heroines to make their own choices.

Of course these non-Alphas get overwhelmed at…

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