Hot N Sprung Blog Hop – Whew!

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Sex on the Beach? You know that fruity cocktail of vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and a bunch of other things that could have you losing your inhibitions after one or two?

For me, that’s what a summer read by the pool should be – fun, flirty and it should leave you with a naughty thought or two.

Amber Meets Her Cowboy3I haven’t published a lot but if I had to pick one of my stories for a pool time read, it would be In the Moment. The novella begins on a hot day in April with the hero, Kevin Miller, stuck in a traffic jam on his way to a Friday late afternoon meeting. He’s fuming. But by the end of that meeting, he’s hot for an entirely different reason.

In this short, you’ll find a strong hero with a soft side and an equally strong heroine with not much of a soft side. As one reader commented, “It was sexy, sweet charming and spicy to boot!”

TheBeginningofForeverSo if you’re headed down to the pool, why not take Amber and Kevin with you? Three lucky commenters will receive a complimentary copy of In the Moment. (Aww, I’ve already read that one. Then just ask for the follow-up novel, The Beginning of Forever.) Leave a comment, any ol’ thing you’d like to say with your email address for a chance to win.

And don’t forget to keep hopping, the hop continues with


And the link to the Rafflecopter prizes is here!

Hot n Sprung EBook Prize Breakdown

Happy Hopping!

6 thoughts on “Hot N Sprung Blog Hop – Whew!

  1. I loved your blog posts (other ones too) and the giveaway prize a lot. Hoping to come back here more often.

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