Just Saying I Love You

Today, I’m posting over at Luscious Literaries. Enjoy your Saturday!

Ti voglio bene.

It’s Italian and if you type it into Google Translate, you’ll be given – I love you. Literally it translates as I want well for you. The special meaning behind it is – regardless of me I want the best for you. That’s love isn’t it? But so much prettier to say it in Italian.

I wanted that feeling for my latest release, Scent of a Woman.

In my first paranormal romance, I got the opportunity to invent my own language, Ap-Muen – spoken by the puma-shifters who reside in the small town of Haziel, TX. It is a mixture of my imagination and base words from the Apache language. I even came up with a lexicon of about fifteen words..

And I had to give them their own version of ti voglio bene.

As Ewan Hathorn, the Kai’lai of the Ap-Muea, explains to…

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