Writing 101, Day Two – A Room with a View

Hello Readers, it has been a while. I can’t offer any excuses for my absences except those that would make me sound like a whiner.

I’ll be writing again. I’ve promised myself. And start here on the blog, I’m participating in a blogging journey.

Here’s Day Two – Describe a room at any time in the world

I opened the door of the bedroom with all its grandeur or at least all the grandeur that a six year could imagine.

The curtains that my mother had sewn hung across the window just like in the Southern Homes magazine that lay next to her bed. Only they weren’t curtains. They were drapes.

Curtains are simple – a panel hung using an aluminum rod from TG&Y. No my mother had made drapes in a heavy creamy caramel fabric covered in darker branches and little blue and white flowers lined in the proper white material and hung from a sturdy chiseled rod that could have been oak or something similarly grand.

I’d made sure that my socks were clean before making the few steps over to bed. I wanted to see it like it was meant to be seen like a magazine – each loop of carpeting standing up with no indentations, the gleam of the gold metal separating the carpeting from the white tiled floor which led to the master bath and the mirrors casting reflections of sunlight everywhere.

Grandeur. My mother’s grandeur. Her pride infused the air of that room and when I was six she could still see it.

I wait snuggled under the fluffy comforter for her  to enjoy it with me.

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