Val Reads – The Wicked Wager

As a writer, I hate ranked reviews. And in that vein, I will give you a review of  a thoroughly enjoyable and funny Regency style novel I recently read – The Wicked Wager by Anya Wylde.

Ms. Wylde’s story is a wonderful one that continues to draw me to this genre of controlled manners. The lengths the characters go through in which to both maintain and thwart the conventions of their society is often outlandish and in the hands of a good writer – totally believable! I flutter my fan to Ms. Wylde!

From the moment of meeting the heroine, Emma, in the garden as she exclaims an “inspired curse” I was hooked! And the sneaky author kept me enthralled the whole way through with plot twists and turns and those “hold your breath” moments when you silently scream to the characters – Don’t do it!

Loved it from beginning to end!

Highly recommended for fans of Regency romances and cozy mysteries.

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*The author of this blog received a free copy of this work but the opinions expressed within this post are her own*