Sunday Chat with Mateen of the Albin

Our interview today is with one of the men of the new Evernight Publishing book, Bondmate by J. J. Lore, Mateen of the Albin, a native of Planet Alpha.

Hello, Mateen and welcome to Earth.

Thank you. I’m pleased to be here. You Earthlings have an interesting military history. I’m fascinated by your Aztecs.

Thank you, I think. So you’re a military man?

Yes, I’m proud to serve with my fellow Alphans, the galaxy’s finest fighting force. My bondmate, Bynton, and I have achieved high ranks and won many honors on the battlefield.

You mentioned bondmate. What is that?

Earthings don’t have bondmates? How strange. A bondmate is someone whose soul echoes your own. Men find a bondmate when they are in training, someone to spar with, partner in battle, treat each other’s wounds, share the spoils of war.

Sounds like a strong friendship.

It’s more than that, much more. It’s a meeting of the mind and psyche. One that can only be completed by bonding with the right woman.

So there’s room for one more?

Of course. Bynton and I are on our way to search for her now, here on Earth.

What’s your type?

My type? My type of what?

What sort of woman do you like? Tall, petite, blonde, brunette, thin, curvy?

Her appearance matters not. We will know her when we find her and she will be ours.

Do you have any hobbies? Things you like to do for fun?

I like to behead Xyran scum with my favorite blade. I also enjoy polishing my body armor.

I see. Well, good luck with your search for the perfect woman here on Earth.

Luck is not a factor.

Bondmate Blurb

bondmate1Decorated Alphan warriors Mateen and Bynton are on a clandestine mission to one of Earth’s refugee camps, in search of the one woman who might complete their bond. Tempering their instincts to capture and hold, both men realize they must court their chosen woman to win her trust.

Avanelle Rein is merely trying to survive in the chaos of a dying society. The last thing she expects is rescue at the hands of golden-skinned alien men. Despite her attraction to them, she fears their warrior ferocity.

Facing danger from Xyran raiders draws the three together as they explore their new relationship and one another. An unexpected challenge during an ancient claiming right forces Avanelle, Bynton, and Mateen to decide if their bond is strong enough to survive.

Get your copy of Bondmate, one of the first releases in the Evernight Publishing Series, Planet Alpha at these online retailers:

Evernight and Amazon

Happy Reading!


Boyfriend Tag with Sexy Schemer –Jaxon Grey

hot heart japan blueHi Vallory. Thanks for inviting my hero Jax from my latest book Persuasion Skills over to chill. He’s always eager to talk about his lady Pepper. Pepper and Jax are best friends and business partners. Their road to love was a long one, based on years of friendship. Jax is my favorite type of hero—a smart schemer. He has no problem using both his brain, charm and persuasion skills to get what he wants, oh boy does he want Pepper!

Me:  Okay let’s get started. She’s sitting in front of the TV what is on the screen? 

Jax: Sense and Sensibility. My girl has a strange obsession with Alan Rickman. I’d be jealous if I didn’t know I could out smart him any day.

Me: Hmmm. I keep forgetting that I gave you a hefty sense of arrogance. Okay moving on, you go out to eat and have a drink what does Pepper order?

Jax: Passion fruit mojito. Pepper’s family is from the Caribbean and her drink of choice is always a mojito.

Me: Okay here’s an easy one, what’s her eye color?

Jax: She’s got the warmest brown eyes I’ve ever seen. One look and you want to give her everything she asks for…well except her car keys, and an escape route…

Me: What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn’t?

Jax: Well… (Shifting uncomfortably) I can be a little bit of an…overzealous planner. Some people might consider it scheming, but I think they don’t understand the importance of a good plan.

Me: Yeah that might be the understatement of the year. Did she play any sports when she was younger?

Jax: Hey, you’re the one wrote the book. Or are you going to blame that girl Muse again. Anyway, Pep doesTae kwon do. She took lessons when she was a kid and let me just say, she didn’t let a single skill go to waste! If there’s anyone I’d want next to me in a bar fight it would be her. Actually, she would probably be the one who started the fight (rubbing his chin). I could probably stop and finish my drink and watch the carnage she’s sure to cause.

Me: Yeah she is a bit of a bad ass. Okay how about another easy question. What could she spend hours doing?

Jax: Arguing. Pepper loves a good argument and I have to admit she looks damned good when she’s doing it. Her breathing gets all hitched, and does it amazing things to her cleavage. Arguing with Pep is a great form of foreplay.

Me: I have a feeling that Pepper may take exception to your response.  What is one unique talent she has?

Jax: Driving me crazy. She’s amazing at it. I think she goes out of her way to think of ways to mess with me. She’s evil and I love it.

Me: Okay, where did you two meet?

Jax: In college. I helped you out of a kind of …delicate situation.

Me: Alright last question (grinning). Who wears the pants in the relationship?

Jax: I plead the fifth on this one. What are you trying to do? Set me up? We both love control, but if it were up to me neither one of us would be wearing pants most of the time anyway.

 Persuasion Skills, An Excerpt

960959_535332353215984_1329329823_nLCremantMarching into the main room, she confronted her friend-come-raving-lunatic.

“Forget Misery. You’re in definite Psycho territory here!”

A tint of red darkened his cheeks. At least he had the decency to blush. His show of embarrassment gave her hope that there was still a chance to reason with him.

“I know it looks bad”

“Looks bad? Looks bad? Jesus, Jax, you bought a closet full of clothes!”

“I didn’t want you to get cold. You’re such a Miami girl.”

“And my shampoo?”

“I wanted you to feel at home.”

“And the drawer filled with lingerie?”

He grinned at her. Stupid, sexy dimples.

“Okay, that one was more for me than you, but you can’t blame a guy for being hopeful.”

She stared at him and tried to take deep, calming breaths.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

“What exactly is your grand plan here? What are we supposed to accomplish trapped up on this mountain?”

He planted his arms across his chest and gave her a long, unreadable look.

“We live here for one week, like a real married couple,” he said finally.

She opened her mouth to retort, but he cut her off.

“Consider this a trial run. If at the end of the seven days, you’re not convinced we’ll be amazing together, I’ll let you walk away, and I’ll drop the whole thing.”

“I can’t just not go back to Miami, I have work—”

“I called your assistant this morning. She’s cleared your schedule for the next week.”

“My family—”

“All think you’re on a much-needed and overdue vacation. They say ‘Hi,’ by the way.”

Her left eyelid trembled. Was it possible to develop a chronic tick in a matter of minutes?

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

“And how exactly is a real couple supposed to live?”

“We do the things any other vacationing couple would do. We spend time with each other, go on walks, have romantic dinners.” He sent her a heavy lidded gaze. “We sleep together,” he said huskily.

Her body heated at his words, and her mouth went dry at the thought of being in a bed with him again. She let her gaze drift to his crotch and bit back a moan. He was most definitely aroused.

As if sensing her gaze, she could swear she saw his cock thump against his zipper.

She drew her gaze away from the hypnotic view as he made his way towards her with long, smooth steps.

“I’m not having sex with you again,” she said shakily. “That’s what got us into this mess to begin with. If we hadn’t slept together in the first place, you wouldn’t be proposing marriage right now.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” He placed a hand on her lower back and drew her into his warmth.

The look in his eyes had her catching her breath. Crazy Jax she could handle. Aroused Jax was a whole other story.

He leaned down and nuzzled her throat with his nose before whispering in her ear.

“The sex only helps prove my point, but I’ll make you a deal.”

Her stomach quivered at the feel of his lips at the flesh of her ear. She cleared her throat before responding.

“Does it involve you coming to your senses?”

The rumble of his chuckle vibrated up his chest and against her sensitive nipples as one of his hands smoothed down her back and squeezed her ass.

“No, but it should put you at ease.”

His meandering hand was making it hard for her to concentrate. All she could do was snort in reply, silently begging her hips not to give in and rub against him.

“For the next seven days, we get to pet each other as much as we want, fondle and taste to our heart’s content, but I won’t fuck you, Pep,” he said while nibbling at the soft skin of her throat.

It took a minute for her lust-addled brain to process his statement.

“But you said—”

He lifted his head and placed a soft, too-short kiss on her lips before stepping away.

“I said we’ll sleep together. Before we have sex again, I want you fully willing to be my wife and nothing less,” he said, a serious expression flattening his lips.

She searched his eyes, but his gaze didn’t waver. She grasped at the last life-line she could find.

“I don’t think I can be what you need, Jax.”

“And what exactly do you think I need?”

“I’m not exactly a submissive kind of woman,” she said.

She frowned as he snorted at her statement.

“No shit.”

“I’m serious, Jax. I don’t think I can be the type of woman you seem to want. Our night together was good—”

“Amazing,” he said firmly. “It was amazing.”

“Whatever, fine amazing,” she said, not wanting to go down that road at the moment. “But I’m not wired to be bossed around and told what to do. You want a submissive woman, and I’m just not that.”

He shook his head sadly at her. It hurt to see his look of disappointment, but it was what she expected. She wouldn’t take her words back because they were the truth. As much as she enjoyed him dominating her in bed she knew that the bedroom was as far as she would allow it.

“Pep, if I wanted a submissive woman, we wouldn’t even be here right now.”


“Do I want to tie you down and fuck you senseless? Hell yeah. I can’t wait to see you bound and spread-eagled for me again.”

He reached up and cupped her heated cheeks, tilting her face up to meet his gaze.

“And I can’t wait to see your nipples in pretty little clamps, tight and hard just begging to be sucked.”

Her breathing was way past erratic, but she couldn’t look away from his heated gaze.

“But that’s where it ends. It stays with sex. I like your kick-ass attitude, Pep. I don’t want a woman who isn’t willing to argue and fight. What I prefer in the bedroom doesn’t extend to the rest of our relationship.”

Her heart sank as she saw her chances of surviving the next week with her heart unscathed deteriorate in a pile of ash.

“I don’t want to change who you are, Pep. I just want to prove that we work together. Give this week a chance,” he said.

A heavy sigh worked its way past the lump in her throat.

“You’ve got yourself a deal, Mr. Grey,” she told him.

It almost hurt to see his answering smile of relief.

“Well, Mrs. Grey, I think it’s time for lunch. How ’bout I fix you a grilled cheese sandwich and then we head out for a walk?” He pulled her back in for a hug.

She laid her head on his chest and breathed in his scent. She had a fleeting thought that traipsing around in the woods with him sounded like fun. Apparently, insanity was contagious.

“Yeah, sure. Why the hell not?”

 Persuasion Skills by Laurel Cremant

In the aftermath of a major health scare, Pepper Holts makes the relief-inspired decision to seize the day. Unfortunately, most of her “seizing” involves a bit of merlot and her best friend’s pants! After a shared night of passion she realizes that her feelings for Jax are a lot more complicated than she ever thought.

Jax has finally realized that his allergy to marriage has nothing to do with the institution itself, and everything to do with the women in his bed—or more specifically, the one woman not in his bed. Her reaction to their one night together has him scrambling to regroup. So he does what he knows best—he disappears, and he thinks. The plan?—convince Pepper into staying with him at a secluded cabin for one week. One week of pretending to be a happily married couple to show her how great they could be together.



Laurel is a romance author, who like most writers loves to read. Her first love (pun intended) has always been romance. From the sappy YA romance novel to the more risqué erotica novels, Laurel is a sucker for a good love story.

Laurel writes paranormal and contemporary romance and is a self proclaimed, out of the closet nerd. She admits that she can’t seem to avoid adding a bit of “nerdology” or “geek-dom” to all of her books. Living in Miami, she also admits that she can’t seem to avoid giving her heroines gorgeous shoes, “In Miami, we worship everything strappy, open toed and just plain hot!”



Boyfriend Tag with a Sexy Shifter – Myka

hot heart japan blueHi and thanks Vallory for allowing me to tell you about my guys. These fella’s are my heroes and they are a little different. You see they shift into predators of an animal nature. I put out the call to see who would respond – sometimes getting them to commit to something takes a while. But I finally heard from Myka. Honestly, I probably should have asked their women I would have gotten a better response. Myka responded , most likely, answered because it’s his job. As Ambassador of Volkshire, he sometimes handles public relations. Thinking about it, I probably could have talked to Colin too. He can sometimes guilt his boys into doing something they don’t feel like.  *Shaking my head* Naw, he probably would have sent Myka too.

I’ve hand my hands full with the Blaidd’s for a while. *Big smile*

Myka agreed to have a sit down with me at the local coffee shop in Volkshire. Now if you’ve never been there I gotta tell you it’s very quaint with the rough walls of exposed stone and mortar. The chairs are over stuffed and the table clusters are small. There is also a lead through to the local diner which looks like a blast from the past. In there the bench seats of the booths are covered in shiny red pleather and a juke box sits in the corner next to a few outdated arcade games. The ambiance might not be all there but the coffee tastes like it was hand delivered from the Goddess herself and I dare you to find a place that can serve a better hamburger.

Sorry I digress.

Getting back to Myka, when he walked through the door I briefly wondered if he noticed how the women sitting at the counter watched him. I can admit he is sexy in that arrogant, Wall Street wheeler dealer meets biker kinda way. I mean the man can wear a mean suit that looks like he just stepped off the pages of GQ but the way he carries himself makes you wonder if he’s packing a gun under that suit jacket. Of course he wouldn’t need a weapon given his natural ability. He is a wolf among men after all.

Anywho, he passed those women without a glance, raised a few fingers in the baristas direction before glancing at the man, who gave a brief nod. Myka continued in my direction and I was caught in the hazel eyes of a known predator.  His smile was fleeting as he sat down across from me. I took in the angular lines of his face. One thought kept crossing my mind. How could someone so freaking gorgeous be so damn deadly.

Myka glanced at his watch and gazed at me impatiently. “I can give you twenty minutes. I’m meeting Tee for lunch.”

I was certain my eyebrows climbed my forehead. “Oh – okay then we better get started, speaking of Tee and everyone else. I have to know how is Scar and Kuma?

He leaned back as the server placed a small cup of espresso on the table before him.  “Pains in my ass but that nothing new. So what would you like to talk about?”

“Tee, how is she?”

A genuine smile softened his face. “She’s good. Great actually. For  a while after she was hurt during that skirmish with Roman and his squad I was a little worried but she’s teaching self-defense classes to the kids over the summer  with Nix until  Jamison comes to his senses or I beat some sense into him.” Myka shrugged. “Whichever comes first.”

I chuckled. “Jamison still trying to send her on another mission?”

“I think he has his hands full in Betaille at the moment since we haven’t heard from him. But yeah he was being an idiot before he left. I still don’t understand how Tee can be so loyal to the asshole.”

“Well. That who I’m here to talk to you about.”

Myka narrowed his eyes. “Jamison?” He took a sip from his cup. “I got nothing to say. Pick another subject.”

I exhaled. “No. I want to talk about you and Tee. I’m here to interview you about your soul mate.”

“Oh then ask away. What would you like to know?” He leaned back in his chair and folded his hands in his lap. “I could talk about my woman for as long as you want to listen and then some.”

Me:  How did you know Tee was the one?

Myka: Her scent. I couldn’t escape the coconut with a hint of lime smell. It was everywhere.”

Me:  Surely it wasn’t that simple?

Myka: That’s the problem with you humans, you over complicate things. Of course it was that easy.  I knew she was the one and no matter what, no one was going to stand in my way of claiming her.

Me: So let’s see how well you know her?

Myka: Shoot. *He shrugged*

Me: What’s her favorite music?

Myka: House. I don’t understand how since it sounds like unrelated tones and dings to me but she likes it and I love her so I deal.

Me: When did you meet her family?

Myka: Just recently, on assignment to Betaille. I almost killed one of her cousins and her mother threatened to murder me but all in all I’d say we worked out some issues.

*Shaking my head* Me:  What is one unique talent she has?

Myka: She can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue.  *He offered up a devilish grin*Tee uses that knowledge well.

Me: You bake a cake for her birthday. What kind of cake is it?

Myka: I don’t bake. Next question.

Me: Okay – What could she spend hours doing?

Myka: Killing. I think that’s why we get along so well. *He glanced at his watch* You have ten minutes

Me: What’s one food she doesn’t like?

Myka: Are you kidding? She’s a snake. She’ll eat everything whole and raw if she shifts.

*Sigh* Me: Last question. Who wears the pants in the relationship?

Myka: We both do. Hers are usually leather though and I prefer a nice wool blend. Time’s up.

He rose from his seat and looked down at me. “You should have known better than to ask me that. Seriously, there is nothing I wouldn’t do to make Tee happy. She is my world so you might want to add an addendum to this little interview – given everything that is going on with the burgeoning war and all – I will obliterate any man or shifter that ever tries to take her from me again.” Myka reached into his inside breast pocket, pulled out a few bills, dropped them on the table and walked away.

About the Author:

Kassanna is a strong believer in love at first sight and happily ever afters. After meeting her husband in November and marrying him three months later in February the two have survived  and mostly enjoyed every adventure life has thrown their way. Ten years, two children, a couple of dogs and a wild turkey that came out the woods and somehow adopted them – later- the adventure continues.

Writing has always been her passion but fate sometimes has other roads that  must first be taken .  Navigating the road less traveled was not only unexpected but in the end extremely rewarding. Her books are mainly contemporary romance but she has delved into the paranormal and plans on expanding into other areas as the ideas come to her.  Right now she is enjoying life and seeing her work come into fruition make it that much more pleasurable especially when her books make others smile. Kassanna wouldn’t have it any other way. She can always be found at her website or her blog

1290026_582523545133923_394528123_n_FANGSFangs Blurb:

Tee Cottons is the sentinel sent from another clan to help protect the humans of the Volkshire pack. As a guardian, she knows what to do. She’s done it a thousand times before only she never had to deal with a potential mate hovering in the shadows…talk about distractions.

Myka Blaidd is comfortable keeping to the pack’s fringes as Ambassador for Volkshire. Considered the most reasonable of the three brothers, he is efficient in handling volatile situations, and then he meets Tee. Her scent evokes powerful feelings he must deny. With war looming, he has to keep a level head–until Tee is threatened. Now he will show everyone just how deadly he can be because for her he is willing to lose everything.

Buy Links:




Boyfriend Tag with Kevin Miller

happy mixed couple at homeI actually bounced out of bed this morning, readers. And I don’t bounce. It takes too much effort and it’s bad for your knees.

This morning though, I am driving to Fort Worth to interview Kevin Miller. He is one of my favorite book boyfriends (of my own creation).

After giving up full-time life on his family’s ranch, he opened his own company and renovates historical buildings across the country. He’s still a cowboy on the weekends, though. I think that is what draws me and his fiancée, Amber Grayson, to him the most.

So I pull up to the modest brick home in Fort Worth all giddy.

Amber, who is always elegant, greets me at the door wearing a pair of black flared legged pants and a dark grey shimmery blouse. Suddenly I’m dumpy in my carefully chosen outfit. But I’m still doing the happy dance in my head.

I get to be alone with Kevin, I sing internally.

“I’m so sorry. Kev hurt his leg on a job site yesterday so he’s not dressed.”

I’m even happier. “That’s fine. How long was he onsite?”

“Three weeks. Well, nineteen days.” (Guess she’s counting)

Amber leads me through the foyer into a dark wood paneled living room and there he is.

Kevin Miller, dark hair curling at his ears, a sparkle in his light brown eyes, and a wide grin over his broad sun-tanned face. I plop down into a chair facing the sofa where his leg is propped up on pillows.

(He’s dressed – cargo shorts and a Green Day T-shirt is dressed in my book.)

“Can I get you something to drink, Vallory?” Amber asks.

I’m forcing up an answer.

Y’all the way in which Kevin is eyeing this woman is bordering on being a bit much.

“I’d like something, Sweetpea. A glass of water, please.”

“Ahh…Vallory?” Amber focuses only on me and I know why. The temperature just rose a zillion degrees. Kevin has that Texas twang that is sexy as all hell.

“Water.” I fumble with my recording equipment while Amber retreats into the kitchen. “Thank you so much for agreeing to talk with me. Did you read any of the previous works? Did you know I spoke with your sister-in-law? And uhm…how do you like the new house?” The damn wires tangle because I’m nervous and trying not to think about whether or not this is the sofa near which the smiling man before me first asked Amber if he could spank her.

“Ms. Vance, how many questions are there?” Kevin leans his head back into the sofa’s arm getting a full view of his wife-to-be bending over to place two glasses of water on the coffee table.

“Just a few.”

“Good, because I have a physical therapy session soon.” He laughs, gliding his hand down Amber’s leg.

“Kevin!” Amber scrambles out of the room. Even though she is dark skinned, I can see the blush in her cheeks. We both know Kevin Miller ain’t talking about rehabilitation exercises.

“Kevin, I thought we’d play the popular ‘boyfriend tag’ with you today and ask some questions about your relationship with Amber Grayson.”


“She’s sitting in front of the TV what is on the screen?”

“Amber doesn’t watch a lot of TV. Occasionally, she’ll watch a travel show.”

“You’re out to eat what kind of dressing does she get on her salad?”

“None, this girl is seriously into healthy eating. I tell her good food is part of enjoying life.”

“What size shoe does she wear?”

“I’m not answering that. Are you trying to get me in trouble?”

“Whats her favorite music?”

“Amber likes old school jazz and R&B. I’ll tell you what she hates – hard rock. That’s my favorite.”

“What’s her eye color?”

“She has the most amazing eyes. They are warm and dark and…soothing. I don’t think that’s a color, is it?”

Oh, I think it is.

“What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn’t do?”

“Smoke cigars.”

“What’s her heritage? Where’s she from?”

“Amber is African –American, born in Guam. The majority of her family is in Virginia though her parents live in California. She’s lived everywhere.”

“What is one unique talent she has?”

“I’m not answering that one either, Ms. Vance.”

“What was your thought when you saw Amber for the first time?”

“Hahhh…I’m pleading the fifth on that one as well. Let’s just say, I was attracted to her and wanted to get to know her better. When I did…well, this upcoming wedding was meant to be.”

TheBeginningofForeverAwww, now I feel bad. Evil writer! He’s so cute and so in love.

Amber Grayson, a conservative executive, found true love with fiancé, Kevin Miller. He infused her life with a sense of adventure and challenged her thoughts about appropriate bedroom behavior. After such a steamy affair, Amber was expecting nothing less during their engagement.

Even with the rushed timetable for the wedding combined with the stress of merging their households and finances, Amber is excited to begin a family with the man of her dreams. However, the beginning of forever is more difficult than either of them thought.

Locked in a battle of wills, Amber and Kevin find their commitment to each other and their future tested. Is this the beginning of their lives together or the end?

Available from: Amira Press, Amazon

Don’t forget to check out the video on YouTube: forever

Amber Grayson…Whining B!tch

There is something so exciting to me about being a writer and connecting with readers. I think we live in an extraordinary age in which readers can connect with a writer through email, Facebook, Twitter or a number of other different means. It amazes me.

Thank you all you for taking the time out of your lives to contact me about  about any of my works.

Amber Meets Her Cowboy3However, due to the number of emails and reviews regarding Amber Grayson of In the Moment, I thought I’d let one my favorite characters have another moment on the blog.

Vallory Vance: Amber, thank you so much for joining us here today. (She is impeccable in a gray pinstriped suit. Her long dark brown hair cascades over her shoulders in a wave of curls despite the blustery weather outside.) I’m sure you have had the opportunity to read the reviews of the In the Moment and the emails.

Amber Grayson: I have.

VV: And there is a…I don’t want to say consensus…but there are some who see you as a…a bitch. What do you say to that?

AG: I say read the novella. As much as I love Kevin, as recorded by you (she takes out her Kindle and swipes through to the following passage, reciting without emotion)

After half an hour, Kevin pulled the truck into the driveway of the estate. A blonde in a light blue suit and a very tall Black woman in a black suit smiled and waved. Kevin looked at the petite blonde and glanced at Ronald. “He’s fucking her.”

Neither he nor Ronald thought I could be running the show at this point. And in every professional encounter I have, I have to push past that sort of thinking. If that makes me a bitch, then so be it.

VV: (I have to take a cleansing breath because she’s looking at me like I said it.) And there are those who are taken aback by your wavering between your ex-fiance and Kevin. Do you have anything to say to that?

AG: I cry sometimes, Ms. Vance. I’m not a robot. And whether or not it is politically correct  there are times Kevin is the only one to soothe my pain.

VV: Yeah, I know. He’s just that kind of guy.

AG: Yes, he is. Is there anything else?

VV: Ah, a co-worker of mine recently professed her love for Kevin. How do you feel about that?

AG: My fiance can be very engaging. The key word in that sentence is ‘my’, if you are wondering.

VV: Ohhh, damn!  And on that note – Happy Writing




Val’s Top Ten Posts of 2012

This is my highlight reel of the past year, thanks to a nifty sorting technique I was able to view my top ten posts of the year and it includes some of my favorite posts and favorite guests!:

10. A Long Sloe Comfortable Screw Up Against A Wall – This post is actually a recipe for the drink that is featured in my short story, A Night at the Wesley.

9. Introducing The Dark Sentinels – Sable – Author Dariel Raye introduced The Dark Sentinels series and the rare breed of wolf shifters.

8. Sunday Snippet With Deneice Tarbox – Deneice stopped by the blog to talk about her two novels, Healing Inc. and Finding Love For A Cynic. I didn’t know it then but Finding Love For A Cynic would become one of my favorite reads this summer.

7. Passionate Cook Sharon Kleve Shares a Romantic Menu – Sharon shared a great menu for a special date night and a little about her book, Klutzy Love.

6. Sunday Morning Chat Hosted by Anne Ashby – Anne came over from New Zealand to interview her heroine, Jodie Mathieson, from Wilderness Liason and got a surprise. She had to chase the woman down and her questions weren’t ever answered. LOL! One of the funniest posts!

5. An Interview with Marla Malone by Jason Jaxx – A big thank you to Jason for stopping by the blog and convincing Marla to come along with him. His erotic works can be found in the Fantasies4U series starting with Ashley’s Craving.

4. interracial desire and passionate sex hand on assAfter Party A New Sensual Short – This post talks about a short story of mine available on Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. If you haven’t seen the cover, it’s a little much. But I figured the couple was married so in my mind it’s okay.

3. Today’s Hero Dalton Beck with Yvonne Harriot – The lovely Yvonne Harriot visited the blog and interviewed her hero, Dalton Beck, from Hide ‘N Seek and got a little more than she bargained for when she met the handsome man. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loses it when confronted with our own creations.

2. Today’s Hero Clark Pinot with Nevea Lane – Oh hotness, Clark Pinot from Falling Leaves in Autumn a violet eyed hero who doesn’t chase but pursues! Nevea did a wonderful job of interviewing this man and keeping her cool at the same time.

1. The Color of Inspiration – This is one of my favorite posts of the year. It continues to get hits and comments even though it was posted in May. This is a statistical analysis of interracial marriages in the US. Want to know how many African American women marry outside of their race? Only about 9%!

Thank you so much for following my blog throughout the year! I truly appreciate every visitor and every comment.

Happy New Year!

Vincent Guidry…Part II

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are enjoying your day so far. I’m getting this post in before I’m needed in the kitchen or Uncle Etienne’s Irish Coffee begins to take effect…

As you remember I was interviewing Vincent Guidry, former NFL quarterback for the Oklahoma City Stallions. As I said before, the questions were pretty pedestrian. The things the readers already knew – LSU quarterback, NFL quarterback and prominent Baton Rouge businessman. So the next question flowed out of my mouth without any thought.

VV: It has been speculated that your recent upswing in charitable giving is related to your interest in running for governor in next year’s election. Is this true?

VG: This is one those questions, I’m not going to answer. Except to say that the people of Baton Rouge are and have always been important to me.

VV: (Running for governor? What? It dawned on me then why I was conducting this interview. I’m not a reporter. I just like looking at cute guys. Eddie was counting on my innocence to get some answers. I started to read through the questions.)

VG: Is there anything else, Ms. Vance?

VV: (I’m searching….Questions about Morgan Fitzhugh and Xavier Loving’s role in the upcoming campaign.) Uh…uh…

VG: I do have another meeting to attend. It has been a pleasure meeting you. (A quick handshake and he’s gone. I’m sitting there wondering if I just broke a story!)

I called Eddie and told him everything. He wasn’t as excited as I was, but this is going to be a story that I’ll be following. I just may become Vallory Vance, Political Reporter.  Your very own Christiane Amanpour!

Coming December 14, 2012!


As a successful Sales and Catering Manager for the posh Hayden Court Hotel located in New Orleans’ famed French Quarter, Darcey St. Claire is absolutely ecstatic to be working on New Year’s Eve.  The commission and bonus, she’ll receive from the two day Guidry Construction event will not only fund her spring trip to New York City, but buy a cute pair of shoes for the plane ride!

Her enthusiasm quickly turns to barely disguised irritation when Vincent Guidry arrives hours early for his scheduled check-in, demanding access to his suite.  After he slashes the budget for the event, not even the crystal blue eyes of the former quarterback can quell the anger surging in her chest.

That is until he walks into the Chat Noir where she is trying to regroup after her irksome day. In the private enclave known as the Cristal Room, Vincent willingly lights up Darcey’s New Year’s Eve and may have lost his heart in the process.

Vincent Guidry…Part I

I got a call from Eddie Bordelon this morning. He wanted to know if I could make a quick trip up to Baton Rouge today for a freelance writing gig, since I was visiting New Orleans for the holiday.

I said no. The fifty dollars for the assignment would only be used to buy gas and pecan logs. It wasn’t worth it. He tried to sweetened the deal with a detailed description of the assignment – the chance to meet the developer of The Northern Bluffs. The twenty-three acre development is supposedly the premier example of the new urbanism movement in the South, combining office, living and entertainment spaces into a single cohesive design. In essence, a village within a city. Interesting. But not interesting enough for the 90 minute drive.

Then Eddie gives me his coup de gras! (I’m enjoying being back in the Crescent City.) The developer is Vincent Guidry!

I’ve had a crush on him since the first time he stepped on the field as quarterback for the Oklahoma City Stallions! Local boy done good and so freaking good-looking it just wasn’t right.

No wonder, I ended up sitting in an anteroom. All the buildings had a similar look so I didn’t know if I was in living or office space. The room itself was all white – white walls, white fluffy rug, two armless white leather chairs. (There weren’t any kids running around in here.) The only color in the room was from a shadow box on the far wall, showcasing memorabilia from Vincent’s days as quarterback for LSU.

I was tempted to look, but the heavy steps over the marble floors kept me in place. And the large man with crystal blue eyes had me squirming in my seat and fumbling with my recording equipment. Thank you, Eddie!

Vincent Guidry: Ms. Vance, it’s a pleasure to meet you. (His hand practically swallowed mine.)

VV: (Y’all know I was scrambling for words. Luckily, Eddie already had the questions printed. All I had to do was ask. I didn’t even have to write anything down.) Thank you. Let’s get started.

VG: Before we do, I didn’t receive my copy of the questions prior to this interview. (He has a deep southern accent that lifts his declarations into questions.)

VV: (I scan the questions quickly. It’s all the regular stuff – football, business, charity work.) I’m sorry. Eddie was supposed to send the questions over. But it is pretty pedestrian.

VG: Okay. If there’s something I don’t want to answer, I won’t.

VV: (One look into those baby blues, twinkling below his dark brows and everything’s fine with me.) That’s fine. Let’s just get started…

Check back with me tomorrow and find out how my interview goes awry. For once it isn’t all my fault.

Studio Interview with Master Vampire of London – Sephoroth

Studio Interview with Master Vampire of London Sephoroth, Lord Eldridge of the Book Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn; Arieanna’s Legend.

Well hey readers, my name is Alexandria Infante, author of the Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn, and A Lite Farie Tale series. Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn; Arieanna’s Legend being the first book in the series.

So, as I heard it, Arieanna and Auron just happen to be on vacation right now, so readers I thought we’d sit for a spell with Master Vampire of London Sephoroth.

We didn’t really get to see much of him, until halfway through the book, so I thought we’d see what was up with him, where he sees the series going, and maybe we can get him to spill a few juicy details of the next 12 books.

The women in the front row gasped as he walked into the studio, and I laughed as he immediately put on the swagger.

He was such a p.i.m.p…

Moreover, as usual he’s dressed sexy as hell in his black sports coat, black slacks, black button down Dolce shirt and blood red tie. I noticed today, his blonde hair is pulled back in a bun, so those amazing sky blue eyes of his seem to stand out even more.

Ladies, I’m tellin you, I could go just lookin at him.

I looked up as he took his seat across from me, a slight smile on his face. He surveyed the studio, then grinned even wider, because it was filled with women.

“Hello me love.” He said as he kissed the pulse at my neck. I caught the gasp before it left me, but I give you my word the women around me nearly swooned.

“Hello yerself.” I mocked and he grinned.

“We wanted to talk about T.B.M.D; Arieanna’s Legend, the series itself, and the next three books, because they’re already out right?

“Yes, book 2, ye lil hellion was released on September 12th, book 3 on September 30th and if I’m not mistaken ye released book 4 only this week? As well, aren’t ye editing book 5 now. Which is yer only redemption with me right now.” He replied with a half grin.

“Yes, and were you a bit angry with me for book 2?” I asked grinning, and a slight smile came to his features.

“We, shall speak of it later, but ye could do with a spanky.” He said, and there was a collective moan in the audience.

“Back to the book. You’re master of the city right, so can you tell us how old you truly are?”

“I believe there is a distinction in the book my love.” He evaded, his grin a little wider.

“Yes, but that doesn’t tell the readers how old, “you” are.”

“If I tell ye that, then I’d just have to wipe yer memory. And would you truly wish to forget the pleasures we could have together?” I gasped, as his eyes changed color, and felt an enormous heat spread through my body. I immediately pushed it from me. I created him, so I knew the tricks up his sleeves.

He laughed out right then.

“You…are so bad!” I cried, and he grinned.” Seriously tho.” I said clearing my throat. I just knew my face was scarlet. “So, you and Auron have been friends for centuries right?”

“Yes, god blind me, as barmy as it may seem we have. The lot of us have, with the exception of Eirnin. They can become a bit tedious at times, especially Auron twittering on about his good deeds, and penance. Tis completely bollix if ye ask me. The past is the past.”

“And what do you think of the power that’s been entered into your lil circle because of Arieanna and the legend?”

“I’m finding it quite delectable. She was a complete surprise to me, and I dare say ye did that on purpose.” He grinned, and there was something behind that grin. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he had a thing for Arieanna.

“I do, unfortunately, she met him first.”

“Stay out of my head.” I said grinning, and he laughed.

“Fine, but is she not ye?” He countered grinning, and I laughed.

“I can’t answer that.” I stated, and the women in the audience laughed. “How do you see the series turning out? Does your character develop on an emotional level Seph, or are you just eye candy constantly causin mischief?”

“Hummm, tis hard for me to answer that without giving away many of the plots. But I am who I am, ye created me that way, and it is to my delight ye did. However, I will say, I was very miffed with you, I wasn’t there for the Wolf Dance/ Blood Moon; a three day love fest would have been an oasis of lust for a psychic vampire. Ye were a naughty minx to do what ye did.” He said, and I laughed again, crossing my legs.

He was a serious orgasm waiting to happen.

“If I’m not mistaken, and ye can correct me, because yer the author; the books get darker, more sensual, and tis believed Stenos actually shows up. Which I must say, where ye pulled that one from I shall never know. I’m a bit angry about it. Not to mention Maggy.” He frowned, and I laughed.

“Why, because it means you’ll be controlled?”

“My love, ye should know by now, that shall never happen.”He grinned, and was immediately in front of me.

The audience gasped, because his lips were at my throat.

“Ye created me, ye know what I am capable of.” He said softly, there was a catch in the audience’s breath as his fangs hovered just above my neck, then he released me.

I created him, even I didn’t know he was this powerful, and the lust just exuded from him.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

“Do ye seriously think I’ll allow that my sweet?” He grinned winking, and I laughed.

“Anyway Sephoroth, how deeply are you involved in the series. As Master, surly you have to do some not so nice things to keep that position?”

“As old as I am, not anymore, I did them, which is why I don’t need to now. They’ll not muck with me easily.”

“And the book, Isis’, I heard you wanted it?”

“Why would I not, tis complete power.” He said laughing.

“But what about Arieanna?”

“What about her, she’s mine eve…well never mind, but many things come to pass in the next 7 books the readers will be shocked by.”

“And what’s next for you?” I asked, and that same grin was back.

“Only ye know my love. Nevertheless, I will say, I was very happy with what ye did, ten lovely women, all mine. I sigh, just mollying it over now.” He said, his eyes turned deep silver, and the audience moaned again.

“And the men?”

“They have known for centuries this is me, as to who and what I truly am, they do not.” He frowned, and I nodded.

“So, it’s you want someone else’s toys?” I countered grinning, and he laughed.

“But of course I do, and as long as I have lived, I am entitled to it.” He grinned, and it was full of mischief.

“And can you give us a small tid-bit of book two?”

“Jobey, the heartless wench.” He muttered, and I laughed again.

“Can you be a bit more specific?”

“Not without giving it away, but Arieanna meets cousins she never knew about. Twins. Bloody cow, and she is still making amends to me for it too. Saix becomes master, and well I shall not divulge the rest. But I am still quite put out with ye for what ye did.” He snapped, and I laughed.

“And books 3 and 4?”

“Magnus bloody deals with Malik again, which is completely mental, because the lower level demons are vicious, and Eirnin gets burned, then nearly turns someone. The bothersome Celtic god Dagda, or as he is presumably called on this side Jeff. The bollix with the premonition, the bloody Council, Keelik resigning, the whole complete muck. I say hold onto yer knickers, or many of the lovely women here can just take them off, but it’ll be an eventful series.  I dare say, one I will enjoy some aspects of immensely.”He stated laughing.”

“And finally, if you had to pick a book Seph, which in the series would be your favorite.”

“I don’t have just one. I would definitely say after five.” He snapped again glaring at me, and I couldn’t help laughing. “But five is special to be, because of Luna. 6 because of Celli, 7 because of Arieanna and Luna, 9 because of the baby, and 10 because I finally get what I’ve wanted since day one.” He grinned, and it was one of those devilish grins.

“Well, this has been completely delish Seph, and we definitely have to do this again. Ladies, you can find Seph hangin out in the Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn series.” The audience applauded as he stood to his feet, bowed, then blew them a kiss. The women went crazy. He pulled me next to him then.

“Shall I give ye a lift?” He asked grinning, and all I could do ladies was smile and nod…

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Yet, at the same time, her abuelito taught her to Salsa on his feet, and swing to big band. Ms. Infanté’s family was and still is very eclectic. She speaks both Spanish and English, and embraces each of her backgrounds fully; which makes it somewhat hard finding just the right niche sometimes.

However, she believes love is color blind, and is in love with the idea of being in love. It is Alexandria’s express wish to show this, and she hopes others feel the same way. To Alexandria, a delicious looking man is just that; and color, race or creed has nothing to do with it.

To her Yummy is yummy!

Alexandria deems sometimes identifying with a character is not all that matters, its the aspect of being taken outside of your comfort zone to experience someone else’s cultural background; and their life as they see it.

Alexandria is a native of California, with five amazing children, three of which are in college. She considers being paid to do something she loves, rocks, and she’ll be writing books till she can’t anymore.

Ms. Infante writes two series: Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn;  featuring werewolves, the Goddess Sekhmet, Osiris, Asť, Ptah, Horus the Elder, Titans, the Japanese Sun Goddess, Blackfeet legends, Okuzo Ninja Clans, Gargoyles, Secret Church societies, Merlin, three day Love Fest, the Arvantes, Tantric Sex, the Brotherhood, the god of wine Dionysus, the goddess Demeter, the supposed original Vampire myth of Sekhmet, the Book of the Dead, Ré, and the Roman myth of Mulkie the first Lycan King (13 books in this series so far).

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An Interview with Paul Kelly by Richard Long

Interview with Paul Kelly

Q. Paul, thank you so much for taking time out from your busy schedule of murder, mayhem and madness to spend some quality time together. I see that you’ve brought along your trusty pocket-sickle. Could you explain how that works?

A. I had it custom made in Germany, where they still know a thing or two about craftsmanship and cruelty. As you can see, the long semicircular blade is hinged in two places and attached to a stainless-steel handle with a 360-degree rotational swivel joint, so I can open it with one swift whip-crack motion, whereupon hidden metal dowels lock all the hinges in place. Here let me demonstrate: Cachhhhhing!

Q. That’s a…very nasty piece of metal. I suppose that could really cause some damage.

A. Yes, quite a few people have lost their heads when confronted with such a formidable weapon. By the way, here’s a little-known fact about beheadings…little known, that is, to anyone who wasn’t around during the Reign of Terror. There’s enough oxygen left in the brain after a particularly swift decapitation, let’s say from a guillotine during that aforementioned terrible time, or my own modest invention here, that the head remains not only conscious for a considerable period, but also acutely aware of his surroundings. You can look into his eyes…and they look back. Better yet, you can even ask him questions. And here’s another little secret that I daresay you couldn’t learn from any other person on the planet: they almost always answer you. Oh, the stories I could tell you! The things that I have learned!

Q. Death seems to be a major preoccupation of yours. Why the big interest in mortality?

A. I suppose you could say I’m a scientist, and my particular area of interest is pain…and death. The greatest mystery of life isdeath. What force engineered this necessity? What is this thing we call ‘food’? We eat life. And we eat it every single day. Why does life require life to feed it? What are we making when we reproduce? What story is the DNA telling? What are we struggling to become?

Q: And you claim to have the answers?

A: I don’t make claims. I make widows and orphans. The mystery of death is shrouded in fear. We fear it so terribly today because no one comes face to face with death anymore. Back in the old days, people didn’t make such fuss. They didn’t put their noses up in the air each time someone lost their head. Death was everywhere! It was all out in the open. People would fill the public squares for a beheading. Torture was a science. An art! The bravest saints would know the rapture that awaited them when their final breath was torn away. There wasn’t the slightest pretense we were any better than that. Now we have marches and rock concerts and petitions to stop it! And slaughterhouses and food factories that hide it! Wrap it up on a Styrofoam dish! Microwave it! We pretend death is everywhere, except here! But death is here. Now. In this very room, watching us. And death has many secrets to share.

Q: What secrets?

A: There are three ways to learn about death. The first is by talking about it, which leads to no real comprehension. The second is by watching it…and I can see by the look on your face that you’ve never had the privilege of that most noble of all experiences. The third and by far most effective route…is by causing it.

Q: That’s horrible!

A: It’s hard for me to remember now, but I had misgivings too when I was your age. Then I learned the folly of my ways and by hook and crook, I claimed my destiny.

Q: Destiny. That’s another major theme of yours. You seem to have quite an inflated opinion of your own importance. There’s nothing Christ-like about you sir, yet it seems as if you think of yourself as some kind of messiah. Is that true, do you think you’re actually the Chosen One?

A: An Té atá Tofa. The One who has been Chosen. Yeshua was so convinced that he was the chosen one. Well, he was, but not the first. There’s such a thing as seniority. Still, I think he said it best when Pilate popped the question. ‘It is as you say.’

Short and sweet.

Q: So what is this all-important destiny of yours? What exactly are you trying to do?

A: Not do. Become.  Even if I’d never been born or chosen or filled with the spirit—The Becoming will still occur. It was ordained by the prophecy 6,000 years ago. The Singularity will set the stage, and very shortly afterward, the Intelligence will become fully manifest. There’s nothing in this or any universe that can stop that from happening. It is the irresistible intent of the Intelligence—the point, the sole point of everything that has ever existed. To facilitate the proper outcome of this event is what we have dedicated our lives and our deaths to since the building of the first Tower in Babylon—and the Great Wheel beneath its foundations. Our enemies have tried to steer the Intelligence in their favor, convinced that their path is the only true course to victory. But regardless of what they do or believe, or what we do or believe, The Becoming will still occur. The only questions that remain are when and where and how and most importantly to me…who.

Q: Who?

A: Yes, who. If there’s a God to be born darlin’…he’ll surely be holding the Book.”

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