What is New Adult?

Forgot Me Not VBT BannerForget Me Not, along with Lily of the Valley, Star of Bethlehem, and the rest of the planned Flowering series, is a New Adult novel. However, that distinction seems to be unclear to a lot of people, who label things like Fifty Shades of Grey as New Adult. I don’t see any book featuring a character in their late teens or early 20’s as New Adult. I think there are specific elements that need to be present to categorize as book as truly NA.

For starters, I used to be a YA librarian/reading coordinator. Through my work with YA literature, I was taught to identify what is YA and what is not. Again, just because the characters are teens DOES NOT make the book YA. YA is often about the problems and concerns about young adults, just as NA is about the problems and concerns about New Adults. So what are those? For YA, the common themes are fitting in, identity, social pressure, etc. The themes in NA are often basically the same, except the stakes are higher usually. If you are struggling with your life choices at 16, for instance, you often still have time to learn from your mistake. At 22, the consequences could be farther reaching.

Forget Me Not is about college. It’s about going away from home and being on your own for the first time. It’s about figuring out what you want, about suddenly not having to answer to anyone, but also about not having anyone to turn to, either. People say Lily is whiny, but I don’t see her that way as well. She’s not emotionally unstable; she’s just a kid. She’s used to things being basically on a plan, and now they are not. She made a choice to be independent of her brother and boyfriend, but she has doubts now that she is.

Is the book romance and sexy? Yes. But I don’t think that’s really what it’s about. It’s real NA, real coming of age. It’s about choosing your own life, about embracing your sexuality and your independence, about growing up and facing things that are outside of your scope. Because that’s what it means to be a “new” adult.

forget me not coverForget Me Not Flowering Series Book 1

This isn’t a sweet and innocent coming of age story. If dirty talk, bedroom toys, and threesomes offend you… this is not your book. There are also no billionaires, strippers, or virgins. This is just the story of typical college kids trying to connect to each other. 

“No one tells you when you start school just how homesick you will be, or how hard it will be to start life over with no direction and no friends or family. No one says that becoming your own person is terrifying.”

Lily had a crush on her brother’s best friend, Derek, for years – which led to their steamy night ten months ago in her bedroom. Now, she’s off to college and she and Derek are still going strong. However, when school starts, Lily realizes it’s hard to maintain a relationship, while also trying to live her own life. She and Derek find themselves falling apart and she has no idea where to turn.

Enter Jack. Everything about him is wrong for Lily and she knows it, but she can’t stop herself from being attracted to him. When things implode with Derek, it’s Jack who’s there to pick up the pieces – and to show Lily an entirely new set of experiences she didn’t know she was missing.

Of course, Jack has his own problems and once Lily gets to know him better, she starts to wonder if she can handle all of Jack. When Derek reappears on the scene, Lily is forced to decide between two guys and herself. Can she find herself without losing the people who matter in the process?

This is a work intended for readers 18+ as it features explicit sex between people in college. See where it began in the short story, “Her Brother’s Best Friend.

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Lily of the Valley Flowering Series Book 1.5

Lily of the Valley cover“No one tells you about pain. They tell you that it hurts, that sometimes it’s consuming. What they don’t tell you is that it’s not the pain that can kill you. It’s the uncomfortable numbness that follows, the weakness in your body when you realize your lungs may stop taking in air and you just can’t exert enough energy to care. It’s the way taste and color and smell fade from the world and all you’re left with is a sepia print of misery. That’s when the shift starts – the movement from passive to active. I fall asleep, hoping that the morning will bring back the pain. At least the pain is a thing.”

Plagued by a dark past, Jack sees college as a way out. Desperate to escape the area where he grew up, the people who know his secrets, and his own family, he deals with his problems through alcohol and meaningless sex.

When he first sees Lily, she’s the epitome of everything he hates. Yet something about her makes Jack rethink everything he knows and assumes about other people. Now, with the help of his best friend and lover, Jack has to decide if he wants to pursue something that he knows will only end badly.

Can Lily be one of the few people who can see Jack for who he really is – or will his darkness be too much for her to handle?

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About the Author:

Sarah Daltry writes erotica and romance that ranges from sweet to steamy. She moves around a lot and has trouble committing to things. Forget Me Not is her second full length novel, although she also has several story collections and two novellas available. Her other novel, Bitter Fruits, was available shortly, but is now in the contract phase with a major publisher. When Sarah isn’t writing, she tends to waste a lot of time checking Facebook for pictures of cats, shooting virtual zombies, and simply staring out the window.

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Sarah is giveaway the first two Flowering novels in print and eBook copies of both books! For a chance to win please out the Rafflecopter by clicking here.


A Little Mysterious for our Monday

Today the main characters from A Little Mysterious by Elodie Parkes,Dhruv and Daisy are visiting the blog.

bannercyan copyDaisy, would you like to tell the readers about how you and Dhruv met?

Daisy: We met on the high street in the café I worked in didn’t we Dhruv?

Dhruv: We did formally meet then, although I took a while to say much to Daisy. I liked her as soon as I saw her. That was before we actually met. I’d seen her around shall we say. I don’t want to give spoilers.

Daisy: That’s true, but I wanted you right away. I could hardly take my eyes off you. When I went up the back of the café and cleared the tables, I used to stare at you.

Dhruv: You did more than stare you sighed over me. I knew it. I could sense it. I could feel your need and it fuelled mine.

He leans across and kisses Daisy, then keeps hold of her hand.

Dhruv, Can you describe when you first knew you were in love with Daisy?

Dhruv: You know, I’m sorry but I can’t. It was weird for me. I couldn’t admit it to myself. I think Daisy loved me right away. Did you Daisy?

Daisy: I knew I wanted to make love with you, but I felt such a strong attraction to you I think I might have loved you right away. Then I knew the first time we made love, it was sex that turned into making love. For me anyway. Although I liked him the moment I saw him, in the cafe doorway. I wanted those arms around me right away.

She leans across and kisses him this time .I better ask another question since now they are starting to get a little heated.

What’s one thing you might have changed about your story?

Daisy: Nothing, since it’s the real story. Although I’ve never been happy with my name, and that I’m not very tall, Dhruv can tuck me under his arm. Although things are a little different now since we really got together, but I can’t tell you that. It would be a spoiler.

Dhruv: That’s so sexy Daisy, that I can pick you up and cuddle you into my body. You’re beautiful the way you are.

As for me changing the story, more sex, although there’s loads, I’m addicted to Daisy now and I find it hard to keep my hands off her. I might have said a little more about our lives after we got together, but that might be better in another book.

Dhruv, tell us something about Daisy, how would you describe her in a few words?

Dhruv: She’s very pretty, slender, intelligent. I think she’s kind and generous, and she treats people really well. She’s brave too. She likes the countryside and water. Starts to laugh and hugs Daisy.

Daisy, describe Dhruv in a few words.

Very sexy, giving, clever, thoughtful, a great lover, knows what he wants or needs to do and goes for it. He’s very creative, and talented artistically.

So what’s hot about the story?

Dhruv: The steam rises from the love scenes. I think the way Daisy responds to me.

Daisy: I think it’s the way you talk dirty to me.

Dhruv: Do I?

Now Daisy is stroking his arm, okay time for an excerpt.

How about you both choose your favorite scene from the book.

Daisy: It has to be a love scene for me, what about you Dhruv?

Dhruv: I think so, the hotter the better. (Grins)


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About The Author:

Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy, cool stories and hot love scenes.

Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.

Elodie writes for, Hot Ink Press, Moon Rose Publishing, Eternal Press, and Evernight

She has also released titles as an individual indie author.

Find Elodie online: Blog  Tumblr  Facebook  Twitter  Google +  Pinterest  YouTube  Amazon USA  Amazon UK  Smashwords  Barnes and Noble  ARe  Bookstrand  Evernight

Haven’t Been Around Much Lately (Sad Face)

Hi All,

I haven’t been on the blog lately and I apologize for that. Life has gotten in the way.

Luckily some fantastic authors have stopped by and picked up my slack. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read the posts, you just may find your next great read from:

All Shades of Passion – A multi-author anthology (erotic romantic shorts)

Love Resurrected by Kristy Centeno (paranormal romance)

Snug Fit by Anna Bayes (erotic short story)

The De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias (romance with a Spanish flavor, muy caliente)

Renzo by Jamallah Bergman (interracial romance series)

Night of the Horse by Elodie Parkes (paranormal menage)

Black Baroness by R.B. Michaels (erotic short story)

Taken by Lust by Leteisha Newton (interracial erotic romance)

Thank you. Thank you.

As for me I’ve just received edits for a short story, One Stormy Night,  to be released by Evernight Publishing prior to the end of the year. I’ll be working on those this weekend.

TheBeginningofForeverThe Beginning of Forever, the conclusion of Amber and Kevin’s story, is out there on the web waiting to heat up your chilly weekend!

Just see what one Amazon reader wrote:

If you haven’t had a chance to read In The Moment then you should before you read this installment so you can appreciate the amazing love between Kevin and Amber. Truly Kevin is my hero, he is everything a real woman would want in her man. This story picks up with the two planning to marry but also Amber trying to get pregnant. Amber’s desire to have a family with Kevin really test their strength, faith and love. For Kevin he’d give her the world but not at the risk of her health, Kevin feels that the two of them have enough love to adopt but his life wouldn’t matter without her in it. Wow! what a man. Kevin in his usual determined way must prove to Amber that together they can make anything work, getting Amber to believe it herself is her walk of faith. I just loved this couple they were real, funny, sexy and just wonderful. I especially loved the ending of course it could be a new beginning for Kevin and Amber come on Vallory what do you think? This is a great read you won’t be disappointed but get In The Moment first. Enjoy

Do I love this because it’s glowing? Yes. I also love it because at least for one reader, the point of the story hit home.

I’m also finishing a short story for early next year. This is a departure from my usual contemporary romance and delves into the paranormal world. We’ll see how that goes. Maybe the Ngali and Widatsi will get a few likes in January. I don’t know but Logan and Ada called me to them and I had to answer.

ID-10080550Lastly, it’s almost November and I’ll be taking part in NaNoWriMo. Last year, I didn’t finish a completed novel. This year, I hope to pen A Loving Affair. In this next installment to the Rose Gold Collection, you’ll  meet my first African-American hero, Xavier Loving.

Y’all keep reading, writing and playing nice!


Boyfriend Tag with Sexy Schemer –Jaxon Grey

hot heart japan blueHi Vallory. Thanks for inviting my hero Jax from my latest book Persuasion Skills over to chill. He’s always eager to talk about his lady Pepper. Pepper and Jax are best friends and business partners. Their road to love was a long one, based on years of friendship. Jax is my favorite type of hero—a smart schemer. He has no problem using both his brain, charm and persuasion skills to get what he wants, oh boy does he want Pepper!

Me:  Okay let’s get started. She’s sitting in front of the TV what is on the screen? 

Jax: Sense and Sensibility. My girl has a strange obsession with Alan Rickman. I’d be jealous if I didn’t know I could out smart him any day.

Me: Hmmm. I keep forgetting that I gave you a hefty sense of arrogance. Okay moving on, you go out to eat and have a drink what does Pepper order?

Jax: Passion fruit mojito. Pepper’s family is from the Caribbean and her drink of choice is always a mojito.

Me: Okay here’s an easy one, what’s her eye color?

Jax: She’s got the warmest brown eyes I’ve ever seen. One look and you want to give her everything she asks for…well except her car keys, and an escape route…

Me: What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn’t?

Jax: Well… (Shifting uncomfortably) I can be a little bit of an…overzealous planner. Some people might consider it scheming, but I think they don’t understand the importance of a good plan.

Me: Yeah that might be the understatement of the year. Did she play any sports when she was younger?

Jax: Hey, you’re the one wrote the book. Or are you going to blame that girl Muse again. Anyway, Pep doesTae kwon do. She took lessons when she was a kid and let me just say, she didn’t let a single skill go to waste! If there’s anyone I’d want next to me in a bar fight it would be her. Actually, she would probably be the one who started the fight (rubbing his chin). I could probably stop and finish my drink and watch the carnage she’s sure to cause.

Me: Yeah she is a bit of a bad ass. Okay how about another easy question. What could she spend hours doing?

Jax: Arguing. Pepper loves a good argument and I have to admit she looks damned good when she’s doing it. Her breathing gets all hitched, and does it amazing things to her cleavage. Arguing with Pep is a great form of foreplay.

Me: I have a feeling that Pepper may take exception to your response.  What is one unique talent she has?

Jax: Driving me crazy. She’s amazing at it. I think she goes out of her way to think of ways to mess with me. She’s evil and I love it.

Me: Okay, where did you two meet?

Jax: In college. I helped you out of a kind of …delicate situation.

Me: Alright last question (grinning). Who wears the pants in the relationship?

Jax: I plead the fifth on this one. What are you trying to do? Set me up? We both love control, but if it were up to me neither one of us would be wearing pants most of the time anyway.

 Persuasion Skills, An Excerpt

960959_535332353215984_1329329823_nLCremantMarching into the main room, she confronted her friend-come-raving-lunatic.

“Forget Misery. You’re in definite Psycho territory here!”

A tint of red darkened his cheeks. At least he had the decency to blush. His show of embarrassment gave her hope that there was still a chance to reason with him.

“I know it looks bad”

“Looks bad? Looks bad? Jesus, Jax, you bought a closet full of clothes!”

“I didn’t want you to get cold. You’re such a Miami girl.”

“And my shampoo?”

“I wanted you to feel at home.”

“And the drawer filled with lingerie?”

He grinned at her. Stupid, sexy dimples.

“Okay, that one was more for me than you, but you can’t blame a guy for being hopeful.”

She stared at him and tried to take deep, calming breaths.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

“What exactly is your grand plan here? What are we supposed to accomplish trapped up on this mountain?”

He planted his arms across his chest and gave her a long, unreadable look.

“We live here for one week, like a real married couple,” he said finally.

She opened her mouth to retort, but he cut her off.

“Consider this a trial run. If at the end of the seven days, you’re not convinced we’ll be amazing together, I’ll let you walk away, and I’ll drop the whole thing.”

“I can’t just not go back to Miami, I have work—”

“I called your assistant this morning. She’s cleared your schedule for the next week.”

“My family—”

“All think you’re on a much-needed and overdue vacation. They say ‘Hi,’ by the way.”

Her left eyelid trembled. Was it possible to develop a chronic tick in a matter of minutes?

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

“And how exactly is a real couple supposed to live?”

“We do the things any other vacationing couple would do. We spend time with each other, go on walks, have romantic dinners.” He sent her a heavy lidded gaze. “We sleep together,” he said huskily.

Her body heated at his words, and her mouth went dry at the thought of being in a bed with him again. She let her gaze drift to his crotch and bit back a moan. He was most definitely aroused.

As if sensing her gaze, she could swear she saw his cock thump against his zipper.

She drew her gaze away from the hypnotic view as he made his way towards her with long, smooth steps.

“I’m not having sex with you again,” she said shakily. “That’s what got us into this mess to begin with. If we hadn’t slept together in the first place, you wouldn’t be proposing marriage right now.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” He placed a hand on her lower back and drew her into his warmth.

The look in his eyes had her catching her breath. Crazy Jax she could handle. Aroused Jax was a whole other story.

He leaned down and nuzzled her throat with his nose before whispering in her ear.

“The sex only helps prove my point, but I’ll make you a deal.”

Her stomach quivered at the feel of his lips at the flesh of her ear. She cleared her throat before responding.

“Does it involve you coming to your senses?”

The rumble of his chuckle vibrated up his chest and against her sensitive nipples as one of his hands smoothed down her back and squeezed her ass.

“No, but it should put you at ease.”

His meandering hand was making it hard for her to concentrate. All she could do was snort in reply, silently begging her hips not to give in and rub against him.

“For the next seven days, we get to pet each other as much as we want, fondle and taste to our heart’s content, but I won’t fuck you, Pep,” he said while nibbling at the soft skin of her throat.

It took a minute for her lust-addled brain to process his statement.

“But you said—”

He lifted his head and placed a soft, too-short kiss on her lips before stepping away.

“I said we’ll sleep together. Before we have sex again, I want you fully willing to be my wife and nothing less,” he said, a serious expression flattening his lips.

She searched his eyes, but his gaze didn’t waver. She grasped at the last life-line she could find.

“I don’t think I can be what you need, Jax.”

“And what exactly do you think I need?”

“I’m not exactly a submissive kind of woman,” she said.

She frowned as he snorted at her statement.

“No shit.”

“I’m serious, Jax. I don’t think I can be the type of woman you seem to want. Our night together was good—”

“Amazing,” he said firmly. “It was amazing.”

“Whatever, fine amazing,” she said, not wanting to go down that road at the moment. “But I’m not wired to be bossed around and told what to do. You want a submissive woman, and I’m just not that.”

He shook his head sadly at her. It hurt to see his look of disappointment, but it was what she expected. She wouldn’t take her words back because they were the truth. As much as she enjoyed him dominating her in bed she knew that the bedroom was as far as she would allow it.

“Pep, if I wanted a submissive woman, we wouldn’t even be here right now.”


“Do I want to tie you down and fuck you senseless? Hell yeah. I can’t wait to see you bound and spread-eagled for me again.”

He reached up and cupped her heated cheeks, tilting her face up to meet his gaze.

“And I can’t wait to see your nipples in pretty little clamps, tight and hard just begging to be sucked.”

Her breathing was way past erratic, but she couldn’t look away from his heated gaze.

“But that’s where it ends. It stays with sex. I like your kick-ass attitude, Pep. I don’t want a woman who isn’t willing to argue and fight. What I prefer in the bedroom doesn’t extend to the rest of our relationship.”

Her heart sank as she saw her chances of surviving the next week with her heart unscathed deteriorate in a pile of ash.

“I don’t want to change who you are, Pep. I just want to prove that we work together. Give this week a chance,” he said.

A heavy sigh worked its way past the lump in her throat.

“You’ve got yourself a deal, Mr. Grey,” she told him.

It almost hurt to see his answering smile of relief.

“Well, Mrs. Grey, I think it’s time for lunch. How ’bout I fix you a grilled cheese sandwich and then we head out for a walk?” He pulled her back in for a hug.

She laid her head on his chest and breathed in his scent. She had a fleeting thought that traipsing around in the woods with him sounded like fun. Apparently, insanity was contagious.

“Yeah, sure. Why the hell not?”

 Persuasion Skills by Laurel Cremant

In the aftermath of a major health scare, Pepper Holts makes the relief-inspired decision to seize the day. Unfortunately, most of her “seizing” involves a bit of merlot and her best friend’s pants! After a shared night of passion she realizes that her feelings for Jax are a lot more complicated than she ever thought.

Jax has finally realized that his allergy to marriage has nothing to do with the institution itself, and everything to do with the women in his bed—or more specifically, the one woman not in his bed. Her reaction to their one night together has him scrambling to regroup. So he does what he knows best—he disappears, and he thinks. The plan?—convince Pepper into staying with him at a secluded cabin for one week. One week of pretending to be a happily married couple to show her how great they could be together.



Laurel is a romance author, who like most writers loves to read. Her first love (pun intended) has always been romance. From the sappy YA romance novel to the more risqué erotica novels, Laurel is a sucker for a good love story.

Laurel writes paranormal and contemporary romance and is a self proclaimed, out of the closet nerd. She admits that she can’t seem to avoid adding a bit of “nerdology” or “geek-dom” to all of her books. Living in Miami, she also admits that she can’t seem to avoid giving her heroines gorgeous shoes, “In Miami, we worship everything strappy, open toed and just plain hot!”



Hero Worship Week’s Real Life Heroine – Corinthia


5-LTJG C Price Promotion Ceremony 13 Feb 12

I’m a LTJG (Lieutenant Junior Grade) in the US Navy (Reservist) (O-2). I’m 41 years old, married with 6 children, 2 girls, 4 boys, oldest child my daughter is deceased. I have 8 grandchildren, 4 girls and 4 boys. This is my second deployment, the first one was to Alsad, Iraq. I’ve been in the military for 13 years. I’m a Supply Corps Officer in the Navy.

Thank you, Corinthia for the sacrifices you make to serve our country.

4-LTJG C Price Promotion Ceremony 13 Feb 12

Sympathy for the Devil Tour with Shyla Colt

Sympathy for the Devil VBT BannerSecond Chances by Shyla Colt

Who doesn’t love a second chance? As we get older we grow, learn from our past mistakes, and occasionally regret that one bad choice we wish we could go back and make right. Sometimes apologizing isn’t possible for more reasons than pride. Perhaps there are circumstances too big to overcome or situations to shaky to go back over a second time. Layla was forced to make a decision every woman would consider her worst nightmare, saving her unborn child or her husband. It was a no brainer, but the cost was catastrophic.

Alone and loathed she came to earth, forged a life, and did her best to forget the demon she’d fallen from heaven to be with. Strong, determined, and creative she carved a place out for herself at Purgatory. The only bar that practices neutrality and welcomes all who mean no harm. For a time it worked, until the new life she’d painstakingly built crumbled. Half demon, half angel, her child, Hevenleigh is the key to opening the gates of hell, and Lucifer, better known as Lucien these days, wants out in the worst way. With the cat out of the bag father and daughter meet for the first time and she finds herself in the hot seat.

SympathyfortheDevil 500x750Heavenleigh is stunned to find out Daddy Dearest is no other than Lucifer. If her mother can keep this under lock and key for sixty years, what else is she hiding in her closet? Reeling from the reveal her lift continues to spiral out of control when Lucifer, or Lucien as he likes to be called, comes top side for a visit at Purgatory. 

Once the Queen of hell Layla left Lucien’s to protect the unborn baby growing inside her. Forced to feign the ultimate betrayal, she turned his love to hate. Now makes an offer he can not refuse, her life in exchange for Hevenleigh’s freedom. ‘ 

Lucien spent years searching for a way to open gates. Finding out the ruin of his only child is the key is a slap in the face. He has a chance at a second family who won’t betray him. It’s an offer her can’t refuse. Layla handing over her freedom is a bonus he plans to exploit. She made him the laughing stock of the underworld, and the time for payback is finally at hand.


She held her hand up to the door and held her breath. It clicked open stunning her. He hadn’t changed the wards in all this time? She stepped inside and the doors slammed behind her. The lights went up and she found him seated in black, leather chair.

I’ve waited almost a century for this moment. To watch you come back and beg me for something. The way I did when you left me, do you remember that Night?”

Yes,” she whispered. The foyer that used to welcome him home seemed cold. There was no fire in the hearth behind him and the couches were black leather.

I figure you want something. If I say no, you’ll be humiliated because you made the trip for nothing. If I say yes, it’ll come with a horrific set of clauses. So I win, or I win.” The maniacal laughter that spilled from his perfectly shaped lips sent an icy stab of fear through her bones. This was the side of him that scared her, though it’d never been directed toward her until now. “So tell me what brings you down here to … slum.” He splayed his elegant fingers over the arms of the couch and leaned back, observing her.

Our daughter.”

Oh… she’s our daughter now? Funny how that changed as soon as I caught wind of it.”

She’s always been your daughter, Lucifer, that was the problem.” She was pinned to the door, lifted off her feet and held by her throat before she could think to react. Damn, I forgot how fast he is. He didn’t harm her, or exert pressure, but his point came across loud and clear.

You’d better watch how you talk to me now Night. You’re no longer in my favor, wife or not.”

I meant it literally.” She licked her lips. “It was why I left, her duality…this place would’ve eaten her alive. Between the pull to be dark and the call of the light, she wouldn’t have stood a chance. She needed a neutral place to learn control, how to balance, and thrive.”

He lowered his hand and she slid down, grateful when her feet kissed the ground. “Go on.”

Even on the surface she ran into issues growing up, starting fires, fits of rage, and at times a pension for some very dark behavior. You were just starting to rebuild your army .I couldn’t allow her to be just another soldier.”

After two eons together you didn’t trust me enough to tell me?” His words twisted the knife into her gut. Shame weighed heavily on her.

Not at that time… war was all you saw.” She shook her head.

It was my right to know. And why cheat?” Despite his aloof façade his voice held a hint of hurt.

I had to make you believe it. You always saw through me like glass. I needed to …” She shook her head.

He narrowed his eyes leaned forward to peer deep into her brown eyes. His red gaze burned her. “That was a lie too wasn’t it?”

Y-yes.” Her lower lip trembled. Relief slammed into her like a seven ton. Finally after all this time he knew the truth.

He tsked. “What am I to do with you? You knew when we joined our souls our bound could never truly be broken. Marriage to the king of hell is eternal, it was in the contract. Now you return to tell me your mass exodus was in the best interest of my child.” He frowned. “It does nothing to quell my anger. I am not appeased. Did you think your revelation would soften me in some way?”

No.” Ashamed she kept her gaze trained on the ground. A part of her had hoped. Too many romantic comedies had her thinking she had a snowballs chance in hell of a happily ever after. “I came to make a deal.”

What would you have that I can’t take?” His sneer felt like an open hand smack to the face. Her heart stuttered. All the years she’d been pinning he’d grown his hate. It was an impossible situation of her own making. She wanted to open up, tell him how difficult the years had been. That she’d never stopped loving him. Instead she buried her head in the sand like an ostrich and prayed for the best.

“Me.” Guess I really am a coward.

Are you really that self centered?” He scoffed.

My freedom in exchange for the prophecy, we both know if you managed to convince Heavenleigh to open that gate, all the powers in heaven will be after her. She’ll never be safe. The life she has now will be in ruins. The only place she’ll have to go is here, and over time…you know exactly what will happen to her.”

We’d be out. Protection wouldn’t be an issue.” He scoffed.

She’s a child of the light too. What do you think being enclosed in darkness indefinitely would do? Some of these people are here for a very good reason. Unleashing them would be like swallowing the sun. Is your need to prove a point worth that?” She held her breath. Have I gone too far?

Details.” His voice was nonchalant but his eyes were anything but. His mind moved a mile a minute, always ten steps ahead.

I’m sorry,” she whispered.

Hmmm.” He gave her a heated once over. “You probably will be. I need more details to truly consider your offer. What does… having you really mean?”

Squeezing her eyes shut she balled her hands into fists. I knew we’d come to this, eventually. She licked her dry lips, peeled her eyelids open and met his cool stare. “What do you think it means?”

No games! You came here and propositioned me. So, you’d better come correct.”

It means… I’m your puppet. Is that what you wanted to hear?” Just when I thought I couldn’t sink any lower he shows me I’m wrong. Typical for him in general, but it wasn’t a talent she’d ever expected to be on the receiving end of.


She balked. This is the only thing I have to barter. Is this a ploy to make me beg?

I want to hear you say you’re my slave.” A lustful leer twisted his face into something ugly.

Are you starting now?” The bravado she placed in her tone conflicted with the desolate forest of her soul.

I want to sample the good before I…” he grinned. “Purchase them.”

I’m your slave.” Uttering the words snapped the thin reed of hope she’d held for them into.

Yes, you are.” He nodded.

Buy Links: Amazon and All Romance

Keys to heavenBook One: Key’s to Heaven

Born to a fallen angel and a demon, Heavenleigh Spirit has never truly fit in. Shunned, tested, and ridiculed, she’s hardened her heart, building a wall around her none are allowed to scale. Carving a life for herself running the neutral bar, Purgatory, she caters to all things winged , clawed, and other. Provided they play nice. When she breaks her middle of the road stance to rescue a newly fallen angel she gets more than she bargained for. 

The amnesic angel awakes in the bed of the only woman he’s ever lusted after with nothing more than the knowledge he was sent to protect her. Struggling to remember who he is, and why she’s in danger, he fully embraces the passion between them that blazes hotter than hell fire. When the truth about his mission comes out he must fight to convince her the love they share is real, and he’s not going anywhere.

In an ironic twist of fate the woman cast aside for a birthright she never asked for holds the keys to the worlds ruin or salvation.

Buy Links:   Amazon   All Romance eBooks

About the Author:

Told once ‘You have to be an author, then you’re craziness becomes eccentrics’, Shyla Colt has always been in love with the written word and possessed a desire to write. Named after Super Girl in the comics, she often mistakes her mortality for super hero status. So, she holds many hats, Mother, Marine Wife, and writer are her top three. Writing allows her to explore new venues, face her demons, and touch others. A huge practitioner of paying it forward, and putting in what you want to get out, she hopes to inspire, enlighten, move, and entertain you with her work. Mixing humor, drama, and strong women, often with a paranormal element, she continues to soldier ahead in the writing field. One of her favorite things is talking to fans. If you’d like to learn more or just drop a line, please check her out at www.shylacolt.com.

Author Links:   Site    Blog     Facebook    Twitter 

Sunday Chat with LeTeisha Newton

Dragon’s Ward: Polyamorous Novel by LeTeisha Newton says Interracial Romance is a Genre Worth Big Notice and Who Cares About the Races of the Characters?

Though the authors may be extremely popular, Interracial Romance doesn’t get the publicity that Romance does. With a twist on love between four LeTeisha Newton’s tale is challenging the mainstream.

Port Lavaca, Texas – The Interracial Romance genre is full of popular writers that have thousands of followers and readers, and yet the authors rarely find spots next to the big fish names of the Romance genre. LeTeisha Newton challenges the authenticity of this view with her sexy novel Dragon’s Ward.

CL_DSC4067email_LNewton“Why should I write only vanilla romance when I have been color blind in love?” questions LeTeisha Newton. She grew up in a world where she was often told she was too ‘black’ for those outside her race, and maybe just a tad too ‘white’ for those she shared heritage with. “I chose to love because the person resonates with me. Nothing more, nothing less. The same should be said for romance novels. If my character loves a man who is not black and she happens to be black, who cares? Love is love right?” LeTeisha continues.

Her ways have thinking have shown in her works. With fifteen titles under her belt, two forthcoming from Amira Press, LeTeisha isn’t a one-day success story. She pulls readers in, keeps them guess, and wondering what’s going to happen next. “In my book Murder by Ritual people were too caught up in the murder mystery, and it happening in small town Texas to even mention the fact that Eris, who is black, was falling for her partner, Ken Satou, who was Japanese. The story mattered. Not the race. That’s a love story.”

WardOfTheDragonIn Dragon’s Ward Brook, the main female character, had been hunted by her stalker, Roach, for nearly two years. He’s become crazed to have her, toying with her, until he can make her his forever. Just that forever for him means death for her.  When Stefan caught the nearly frozen woman in his arms, he never thought he would find the Phoenix to his King Dragon. She’s priceless, and his nobles, Cadoc and Nero, have been awaiting her to complete their quartet as well. Come hell or high water they will save her from Roach and claim her.

LeTeisha Newton’s fans are ever growing in number and they are urged to keep her press date in mind. Dragon’s Ward will be available from Amira Press on September 20th, 2013, and through all other retailers on September 27th, 2013.

Until that time readers can find LeTeisha on her blog at http://leteisha.wordpress.com, at Twitter by following @LeTeishaNewton or by her Facebook Page

Male Romance Authors: Do You Read Them?


There seems to be a new trend in romance these days. More male authors are writing romance openly. When I say openly, I mean they no longer feel the need for pen names. This isn’t anything new though. Men have been writing romance for years but they often use female pen names for the purpose of publication, and to win over the romance audience.

Just like women authors find prejudice when they write in certain genres, male authors find that as well in romance and erotica. Besides Nicholas Sparks, most people can’t name a male who writes love stories. There are many romance readers who are not open to books penned by males for whatever reason. You of course have some readers who don’t care about the gender, but many who do.

I’ve heard many different statements when romance readers proclaim why they don’t read romance by men. Many say that the feel of the romance isn’t the same when written by a man. Some say that during love scenes, male authors tend to focus more on the physical and not the emotional aspect. Some readers say they find it awkward and uncomfortable to even try a romance book written by a man.

I think it’s great that more men are writing romances just like I think it’s great that more women are writing in different genres. We still have a long way to go when it comes to readers seeing authors beyond their genders, but I think we’re moving in the right direction.

I still see more romance readers sticking with the female authors, but as males continue to find their voice in the genre, that might change.

Giveaway Question:

The Wild LifeWhat do you think of male romance authors? Have you ever read a romance written by a man (besides Nicholas Sparks)? If you’ve been resistant to male-written romance, what would persuade you to give a male romance author a try? Also, if you’ve read male romance novels and enjoyed them, feel free to give them a shout out!

Five people who provide the most interesting answers to these questions will each win an ebook copy of The Wild Life.

Giveaway ends at 8 pm Central Time. Ebook copies will be emailed to participants by Stacy-Deanne. Commenters must leave email address with comment to be eligible.

Find Ms. Deanne online at:

Weekday Chat with Author Tracee Ford

I’m very excited to have Tracee Ford stop by the blog today. She has been a very busy person lately hosting an author a day in the Spring Fever Blog Tour, so I’m happy she took some time away to visit!

65836_516565355041167_956408201_nFirst I want to thank Vallory Vance for inviting me to be a guest.  Networking is so important in this business and helping one another is vital to survival.  So, thank you so much!

I should start out telling you a little about myself, I suppose.  My name is Tracee Ford and I’m a newly published author.  I am a member of the Paranormal Romance Guild and my work is published through Injected Ink Productions, an imprint of PDMI Direct Publishing. My goal is to bring to my readers inspiring tales of romance and characters who face insurmountable odds, yet emerge triumphant, sprinkled with the fantastical possibilities of the paranormal, of course.

I am also a playwright, director, and puppeteer. I have written scripts and directed plays for local churches as well as for local community activities to bring awareness to children about body safety.

I write paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and crime novels. When I am not writing, reading, or completing my supervisory duties for a local child protection agency, I enjoy quality time with friends and family.

I am an Ohio country girl turned author and began writing at the age of sixteen. Early works included poetry and nonfiction. My nonfictional writings focused on my areas of study as an undergraduate in social sciences and psychology at Shawnee State University. I completed more nonfictional research while working on a master’s degree in forensic psychology through The University of North Dakota.

My first book, The Fine Line, was originally self published through BookLocker.com.  However, in the search for a publisher for my second title, I found PDMI.  Well, rather, we found each other.  I fell in love with their honesty, integrity, team approach, and their vision for success.  PDMI is a group who thrives on the team approach to creativity, encourages their authors to reach for the stars, and provides their writers with the wings to do it!

PDMI read The Fine Line and fell in love with it.  So, the book was re-released by them on April 12, 2013 and I terminated the publication with BookLocker prior to that.  Here are some things I think are important to know about my book.  The book falls under several genres, including paranormal romance (minus the vampires and werewolves), horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and general fiction.  However, don’t let the “horror” label fool you.  This book is packed full of inspiration.  It is far from “hollywood horror.”

This book follows the lives of Robin and Matt Gregory as they fall in love and marry.  Matt finds a house, Pikeview Manor, in a quiet part of the county.  When the couple moves in, they find that the home is already occupied by… others.  The paranormal factor is fascinating, yes, but it’s Robin and Matt’s determination and faith that is the key to this story.

The Fine Line is about being open to possibilities and learning to trust in things that seem fantastical.  It’s not a religious book either.  It’s a look at how positive can beget positive, in spite of heartbreak and challenges.  The purpose of this book is to reach out to readers and say to them, “Nothing is too dark to overcome.”

With that being said, here’s the official synopsis:

fine line coverSet in Southwestern Ohio, Dr. Matthew Gregory and Robin Hillard meet, fall passionately in love, marry, and settle into their newly restored historical dream home originally constructed in the 1800’s.  However, their dreams of a happy life together are challenged by misfortune surrounding the purchase of the home.  Soon, they realize that they have stepped into another world, filled with spirits, paranormal phenomenon, and unexplainable realities.  The stark realizations as well as other traumas challenge their personal beliefs, the stability of their marriage and, most of all, their sanity.  Matt’s logical, scientific certainties are defied when his daughter, Olivia, realizes she is a psychic medium and is able to communicate with the dead.  Robin recognizes that her dreams are actually visions of the past directly associate with the previous owners of the home.

The Gregory family soon learns that there is a fine line between the world they live in and the world they can’t see.  They seek direction through organized religion as well as through unconventional methods in an effort to understand the strange world of the paranormal.  Ultimately, the family grows stronger and the relationship between Robin and Matt becomes unbreakable.  They finally realize that they can face anything as long as they are together and have faith.

On the last Saturday of the month I present a “sneak peak” of the book on my blog and website.  Here’s an excerpt from the book:

The day wore on. Troubled by the conversation with her husband, Robin knew staying busy was her best option for keeping her mind off of things. So she continued with her laundry chores. Standing in the basement at the long table with towels scattered about, she listened to the music playing on her phone. Suddenly, the music faded out and then stopped. She grabbed the device and shook it. “Damn,” she whispered. She assumed the battery went dead.

Quickly, the room temperature dropped and the hair on her arms and neck stood up as the goose bumps peppered her skin. The fog from her lungs expelled from her mouth. She realized she was seeing her breath. An invisible strength wrapped around her neck unexpectedly and the gasps for air were futile. Terrified, she clutched her throat trying to remove whatever was choking her. Coughing and panting, the tears began falling down her face. Her feet felt as if they were lifting from the ground and the grip around her neck worsened. Unable to scream or even speak, she realized the urgency of the moment.

Finally, she felt the release and bent over the table trying desperately to catch her breath. When her ability to speak returned, she screamed for Matt and heard him running through the house. The basement door swung open so hard it shook the drywall at the top of the stairs. He thundered toward her as she continued resting her elbows and torso on the laundry table.

“Robin!” he shouted.

She still struggled to breathe. “I felt like I was being hung.”


“Yes. My music on my phone completely stopped and the next thing I knew the room got cold. I felt like something was hanging me. I felt my feet lift off of the ground,” she cried.

She stood up and dropped into Matt’s chest, sobbing uncontrollably.
“I’m here now,” he said softly as he caressed her hair. “It’s okay. I’m here.”

The book has been reviewed by several individuals and everyone has said wonderful things!  Below you’ll find some quotes from the reviews.

“I urge you, dear reader, to immerse yourself in the world created by Tracee Ford. Get hold of ‘The Fine Line’. Lock the door, take the phone off the hook and fall in love with a book, as I did. I’ve only scratched the surface in this review and with good reason; you need to discover the work of this brilliant author for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.”
Nathan de Ravin

“Tracee Ford has created a cute, fun and unique piece of ‘paranormal’ writing WITHOUT including vampires OR werewolves which is rare these days. I enjoyed the storyline, it was refreshing and different, even if it was a little jumpy at times.

The characters were believable and lovable. The dialogue flowed smoothly and there was no awkwardness.

I can’t wait to see what Tracee Ford brings out next!”
Skyla Madi, Goodreads

“Just wanted to let you know I finished your book today and it was very very good, I couldn’t put it down. I’ll be looking forward to your next one.”
Joe Collins, Facebook
“Just finished your book and it was great . Loved the story line and exactly my beliefs of how we got here and where we go from here!!!!Started reading and did not want to put it down. Good job!”
Jan Sturgill, Facebook

“I loved this book because it was the exact amount of fright for me. It made me think and be filled with angst, all without making me sleep with a night-light! This type of book I could devour everyday. The storyline and characters were excellent! The buildup with Robin Hillard, our main character, and Dr. Matthew Gregory was again perfect…  NOT going to say anything else except READ it NOW!! I can’t wait to read Undone which will be out soon!”
                        –Renee Giraldy, Reading Renee Blog

“There are just enough paranormal type occurrences to be interesting, and they flow through the storyline of their whole romance story without being dark and scary. She makes us remember that some dark could be out there without making it seem as scary. There are a lot of people that can relate to the characters and their individual beliefs.

I would certainly recommend this story to anyone that loves romance and a happy family ending. It is fun to join these characters in their journey and it is easy to read and follow along with what is happening in the story. It is filled with just the right details to keep it interesting.
Lisa Lambson, Paranormal Romance Guild


“WOW. The Fine Line blew me away. From the synopsis I knew there is a paranormal twist and I couldn’t wait to dive into it. It is what drew me to read it in the first place…  I really enjoyed reading The Fine Line, such a beautiful story. It had everything that I would want love, angst, scars, spirits, paranormal twist. What more could I want?  My verdict? 4.5 brilliant stars.”
Trisha Rai, Devoured Words

 Where you can purchase:

Smashwords, Amazon, PDMI Direct (available in paperback)

Where you can find Tracee Ford:

Author Alexandria Infante Stops by for a Chat

alexandria InfanteWhere are you from Alexandria? Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m from California, born and raised, however I have traveled a bit in my life. Most of my family resides back East ( NYC, Miami ect) but I’m a Cali girl . I do love the bright lights and the big city of New York though, and hope to one-day move there permanently. I started out as a chef, and held onto that career for 15-years. However, I knew it was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Although I love “cheffin” as we call it, writing has always been my first love. When I was a kid if ever mi Amá was searching for me all she had to do was check the closet, or under the bed; and there I was reading a book. Not to mention I developed bursitis in my right shoulder.  I have a master’s in English Literature/Art History; with a Minor in Mythology and History. I am a Professor of English Literature & Art History.

I have five amazing children; Matthew 26 St John’s University, Blazhia 24 Columbia, Soleil 21 Poly University, Micah 17 and Sora 11; so I spend most of my time with Micah and Sora when I’m not writing. I’ve always loved vampires, werewolves, witches, and the things that go bump in the night; and it just rocks my boat to be able to write about them.

What made me want to be an author is the fact that I love Paranormal, Contemporary, and Historical Romance, but I didn’t see myself reflected in the works that I read.  If I did, it was a side character, a supporting character, or a villain; so I thought I’d write my own. Being multi-racial (Puerto Rican, Cuban, Native American, Irish and African-American) I wanted to see a character like me, and the fact that this is rare spurred me on. There is a rich heritage, which comes from our Puerto Rican- Afro-Cuban roots, and just like our African ancestors, I wanted to immerse the reader in the Latin feel. Unfortunately, authors like me (Interracial Romance, or what is more commonly known as IR authors) tend to get pigeon holed into one specific genre like Minority literature, Latina, African-American, or Ethnic, who hardly ever move out of that; and I think this is completely unfair.

I hoped by writing what I believe the Paranormal, Historical and Contemporary Romance genres should encompass, people would see the book for the story and negate the race of the character; that being, anyone could place themselves in the shoes of the character, not just someone of a minority background.

I write in three different genres, and this can sometimes be hard. You have to remember where you are when you write so to speak, lol, because I don’t want a vamp rearing its head in a Historical romance set in the Deep South in 1808 lol. But then again, that could be a very interesting read lol. I may just have to do that.

So, the series Alexandria, what’s it all about?

Alie’s fine lol, Val, and I actually write two now. The Teaching Between Midnight & Dawn, the first book being Arieanna’s Legend; and A Lite Farie Tale, Midna’s Farie Tale being the first book in this series.  I actually have 11 books published to that particular series now.

IR Paranormal T.B.M.D:

Book 2: T.M.T.N; Kissing Cousins

Book 3: T.C.B.M; the Arvantes

Book 4: Dark Premonitions; the Seeker

Book 5: A Kiss Between Midnight & Dawn; Sephoroth’s Return

Book 6: The Gargoyle Keeper; Best Mates Forever

Book 7: Red Ryzin; Okuzo

Book 8: Blackwind’s Song; Love at First Sight

Book 9: Cycles of Change; Jade Council

Book 10: Loose Connections; Making Choices

Book 11: Carousel; Legacy

I loved writing this series. My love for mythology sparked it, and each book gets darker, and more sinister. I could say that I see myself in some of the characters, and I thought why not make a book where regular everyday teachers fight against the things that go bump in the night. I mean, you always read about the detective, ex-cop or private detective, but never the regular person minding his or her own business lol.

Therefore, I thought it would be fun to throw a bunch of teachers and professors in the mix. The first book is a bit tamed though; it was a sort of getting my feet wet so to speak lol. Each book in the series gets just a bit more sensual as well, and the erotic element is played up even more; especially books 9 & 11.

Why did you write it?

Well, like I said earlier I wanted a different feel to what I was reading out there, and felt like if I couldn’t get it out there, then I would just have to write it myself. There are very few Latina Paranormal authors, just like African- American, so I want to champion us both.

What’s your favorite character?

Hummm, that would be Arieanna. I could say that I see myself in the character of Arieanna, because she’s so like me in many ways. She holds my heart, because she was the first character concept I came up with. I wanted to show that love has no genre, race, creed or species lol. I believe the book is both sexy and romantic, because you can feel the intensity between Auron and Arieanna. The love is expressed, because Auron will do whatever he has to do to protect Arieanna, and vise versa.  As for my bad boys, that would be Sephoroth. I just love him through and through. He’s a vamp with special powers (can’t give them away, you have to read it lol), and the things he does with them, why its just down right beyond naughty.

How is that character in line with you as a person?

I’d say a fricken lot lol. Arieanna does things that I do, thinks the way I think sometimes, and one of my colleagues swears it’s me lol. The character’s name is Arie for short, mine is Alie lol. She has green-grey eyes, I have grey eyes.  I get endless rips from my friends on it. However, I also get that little knowin smile time and again from some of my male colleagues who’ve read the book. This can be a bit uncomfortable sometimes, because of what I write lol.

What do you want your readers to take from your writing?

I write IR Historical, Contemporary and Paranormal so it would be; Love is Love, as the marvelously talented Boy George once said; and I believe he is completely and totally on point. I feel like whether you’re a Caucasian guy who has a thang for Sustahs, a Japanese guy who has love for Latinas, a Mexican guy who just can’t get enough of Arab women, or an African- American guy who just loves him some Caucasian women.

Who cares, as long as “you do you” and you feel comfortable in your own skin. My mantra Val: True love sees no color lines, is pure in its truest form; and is only tainted when narrow-minded haters infiltrate it and make it something it is not.

My ideal of love, includes er’ body!

A Gorgeous Hot Yummy is just that, no matter his Race, Creed, or Sexual Orientation.

Tell me about your antagonist?

That would be the Councils.

This is where you have the progenitors, the heads of each house, true vamps, weres, witches ect. There are six sitting Councils.  Flameni, Amber, Pallid, Jade, Delineate, Exodus. Each one more ruthless then the last. Arieanna and her three cousins are human, imbued with the Egyptian Goddesses’ Asť’s and the Egyptian God Osiris’ power (Asť better known in the Western world as Isis), which is a pure source, and it came straight from the Gods themselves. The Council is out to kill Arieanna, her cousins, and anyone else in lined with Greyten Hall, Shallow, Crypt, or any of the twelve houses. Their aim is to take that power from her, and use it to their benefit. The only problem is, they weren’t ready for the massive amount of power Arieanna does have, and the fact that it continues to manifest; so they have no actual clue what actual level she is truly on.

Where can we find you?

My websites:  The Teaching Between Midnight & Dawn Series. www.poisonedpin.webs.com

A Lite Farie Tale Series: www.farietalewish.webs.com

A Different Side of Historical Romance: www.alieinfante.webs.com

Contemporary Love with some Flava: www.contemporarylove.webs.com

You can find chapter samples, book updates, and just all around info on each of my series and genres @ any of the websites.

Blog: www.poisonedpin.blogspot.com

Twitter: @lex6802

Google +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/100897574868961031281

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Teaching-Between-Midnight-and-Dawn/199915416719374?ref=hl

Tumblr: http://tbmd1.tumblr.com/

WordPress: http://aliekat.wordpress.com/

Book Blogs: http://bookblogs.ning.com/profile/AlexandriaInfante

Libroville: http://alexandriainfante.libroville.com/

Author’s.com: http://www.authors.com/group/fiction/forum/topic/listForContributor?user=2pf86clybgxlk

Amazon: Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Alexandria-Infant%C3%A9/e/B007VDEKIC/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1369765846&sr=1-2-ent

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/aliekatt1

Buy links: http://www.amazon.com/T-B-M-D-Arieannas-Teaching-Midnight-ebook/dp/B0091XRN3Y/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1369766172&sr=1-2


What’s next for you?

Well, I’m working on book 12 now in the TBMD series, and book 4 in the Fae series. All together, I’ve written 21 so far. I have a new Historical Romance coining out in mid-Aug. Book 12 Hidden Shows will be out in mid- July, and the next installment to Grave Reviews, my newest Contemporary will be out in mid-June.

Thanks a bunch for having me Vallory, you’re always awesome!! J

Other Titles by Alexandria Infante

A Lite Farie Tale Series: IR Paranormal Fae

Midna’s Farie Tale

To Teach is Divine; Halleren’s Prophecy

Precede with Caution; Bekan’s Quest

Historical IR Romance:

Napoleon’s Gift

A Lad’s Trouser’s

A Slow Time to Love

Fire & Ice

Contemporary IR Romance:

Grave Reviews


Book Blurb: T.B.M.D; Arieanna’s Legend

new tbmd for siteTeaching Between Midnight & Dawn series

(Interracial Paranormal Romance; Multiracial Woman, White Man)

Book 1

Arieanna was pretty much happy with her life. Her students loved her, she loved teaching; life was simple and uncomplicated.

That’s until she met Auron.

Sent by an exclusive underground sect, Auron’s there to protect the descendant of Asť at all cost. His number one purpose is to keep the supposed volume of Asťs magick from entering the hands of the wrong people, in spite of the fact it might cause his death. Exiled nearly two centuries ago from his Företag for insubordination and murder, Auron knows if Jimmy Mann gets his hands on that book all hell will break loose.

Centuries of war will spill onto a human battleground, the causalities catastrophic.

The governing Council will do whatever it deems necessary to keep that from happening; even if it means taking out the descendant, Lycans, Warlocks, Witches, Shape-shifters and Vampires.

The hieroglyphs state she holds the key to the location of Asťs legendary book of magick; the only problem is, Arieanna doesn’t know it yet!

With the book comes massive power, and only Auron can help her control it, in order to keep her from wiping out paranormals and humans alike.