And the Blog Hops Have It- Ten Most Popular Blog Posts of 2013

This tells me that either I need to up my game as a blogger or that blog hops are King. The majority of the top ten read posts of 2013 were a part of blog hops, check them out below:

Happy New Year - champagne and party decoration

  1. New Year’s Blog Hop – 2013
  2. Male Romance Authors: Do You Read Them?
  3. Chatting with Ayden Stone
  4. Hump Day Hook – Christmas 2014
  5. Hero Worship Week’s Real Life Heroine – Corinthia
  6. Lady Amber’s Author’s Blog Hop – 2013
  7. Sparks Will Fly Blog Hop – 2013
  8. After Party – New Sensual Short
  9. The Loving Day Blog Hop ~ 2013
  10. The Regency Era and Romance by Anya Wylde

Only two posts were not part of a larger organized event – After Party –  New Sensual Short and The Regency Era and Romance by Anya Wylde.

Going forward into 2014, I realize I have to become more engaging as a blogger. However, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the hops as much as I have.

Happy Reading


Hump Day Hook ~ After Party

Happy Hump Day Hook! On this weekly tour around the blogosphere, a group of authors share a small bit of their WIPs or already released works. Click the icon to discover your next great read!


This week I was at a loss of what to post because I’m deep in rewriting mode and can’t think beyond that. With the deadline approaching, I decided on something from a freebie flash fiction piece, I wrote last year – After Party. (please note I’m in the process of revising, so it’s a little different than what is available as a nook book)

**The party for Daniel and his wife, Leslie, begins after the guests have left**

interracial desire and passionate sex hand on assLeslie had to have known he was tired when she asked his opinion about the third outfit that she modeled at the foot of their bed. After all, he’d spent the previous four nights at the station house, battled a blaze in the next town over and come home to hundreds of strangers bustling though his house and across his yard. She could have cut him some slack.

Struggling to keep his eyes open, he hadn’t meant to use the word matronly as she spun in a gauzy blue gown with her hair pulled into what looked like a black doughnut on top of her head. He’d only meant to think it.

When he had fully awoken anticipating her promised welcome home attention, she was gone.

Day eighteen and the baby blues continued.

Next up on the hook is Paranormal Author Catherine Greene