Hump Day Hook – Deja Vu by Vallory Vance

You’ll get tired of me over the next few weeks! But I’m so excited I’m posting a snippet of Deja Vu by Vallory Vance for the Hump Day Hook (be sure to check out my fellow authors for more snippets)!

BookCoverImageAmazon“Did you need something, sweetheart?”

A waterfall of tickles cascaded down her spine with each of the words drawled out syllable by syllable until there was nothing left but a question mark hanging in the air. The idea of reigning in her impulsive nature melted in the heat beginning to rise slowly up from her toes.

“Sure.” She turned to face him and a hot wave crashed over her.

He stood less than a foot away, tightly coiled muscles covered his large frame and unlike the tailored shirt he’d worn earlier, the boxers seemed to be on the verge of ripping from his bulging thighs.

“And what did you need?”

She was done. Coyness grated away to nothingness over the coarseness in his voice. “You.”

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Happy Reading ~Val