Just Hit Submit…Let the Jitters Begin

I took a few days off from the day job and worked my latest novella into submission status.

yay-10013652And that wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Not to mention, that I made my first foray into paranormal romance but I had to incorporate what didn’t make sense from the standpoint of two different beta readers and the guidance of a paid editor into one comprehensive work. All in all, that process has taken one full month.

At a point in which I was satisfied with the work, I submitted it to an e-publisher. And as the title says, Let the jitters begin.

Did I answer enough questions? Was the world of Haziel, Texas believable? Was the love story between Ada and Ewan engaging?

Ughh…I’m on the edge of my seat. But as an indie writer with no big contract beckoning me, I can’t stop. I have to plow ahead with marketing what I’ve done.

And there is the next story to be written.