The Virgin Heroine?

When I began college eons ago, I became friends with a group of ladies and gents that I still hang out with. At the time we met, we were all virgins. Every single nerdy one of us.

By the time we graduated, only two virgins remained. Unlike the rest of us waiting for our moment to bloom in the eyes of the opposite sex, they had made a conscious decision to not have sex before marriage.

darceystraighthairSo here’s where my life experience affects my enjoyment of smexy reading material. The Virgin Heroine who is old enough to legally buy alcohol.

In order for me to buy into this woman’s story, I need the reason she’s a virgin. I don’t even care what is – self-esteem issues, daddy issues, religious view point, whatever! Secondly if she’s now going to have sex with this guy then I need to why as well. And sorry it can’t be lust at first sight.

This is a lifestyle choice we’re talking about. Like being a vegetarian, you don’t look at one burger and say to hell with this. This is years of hearing – “Say, girl, you wanna come back to my place?” And the answer being – “No thanks.”

Of all the heroine romantic archetypes, I think the virgin is trickiest one to write for contemporary writers. I applaud those who have done it well and keep me seeking out their stories. And I’m asking for support as I put the finishing touches on my own virgin heroine’s story. Look for it over the Christmas holidays!

Happy Reading!

Typed The End…Part 2

Cocktail partyAllergies have slowed the work down this week and I didn’t accomplish as much on my second week, but I did accomplish some things. Here’s the wrap up:

The first thing, that I’ve done is to create a writing schedule that will take me to the end of the year. Along with that came a promise to myself that I was going to complete it. Here’s schedule and where I am:

  1. Anthology Submission to Hot Ink Press for an upcoming project called Naughty Bedtime Stories – Received an email that it was received and is under review.
  2. Holiday Short Story – The second draft is going very slowly. I’m trying a new technique and while I think it will produce a better work, it’s taking a lot longer.
  3. Second Shifter Novella – The first draft stalled on Wednesday and I haven’t gotten back to it. Must work on this this weekend.

I also know that I have to get back out there and start connecting with readers and other writers, so I have a few blog hops coming up and some writers lined up to visit the blog very soon.

Happy Reading!

A Few More Miles to Walk

My grandmother always, always began her responses to the requests of her three grandchildren with, “We got a few more miles to walk before we come that bridge.” It didn’t matter if we were talking about a birthday a few weeks away or Christmas months into the future, the answer was always the same. A few more miles…

I have to tell you that it irritated the Hell out of me. Give me an answer yes or no. Am I getting the bike or not?

Oh, but how prophetic her words were.

As an adult in this new age, I have come to a new understanding. The future is the hands of the child with strongest grip on the flip book. Does he/she turn to the pages of endless class and racial wars or does she/he flip to that page of the book in which we all are equal?

In 2013, the students of Wilcox County, Georgia (not the parents, not the school board, not the governing commission of their community) picked their page and held the first interracial prom in the history of the county since desegregation.

Readers, talk to your children. It’ll make the rest of the walk easier.

In 2014, the school board officially sanctioned an segregated prom.


Typed ‘The End’ – Now What…Part 1

Cocktail partyIt’s been a while. But I’m back in the blogoshere and the writing world. However, it’s not easy to jump right back into late nights, no Candy Crush and marketing, marketing, marketing!

So I’m easing into it, instead of running full steam ahead.

The first thing, that I’ve done is to create a writing schedule that will take me to the end of the year. Along with that came a promise to myself that I was going to complete it. Here’s schedule and where I am:

  1. Anthology Submission to Hot Ink Press for an upcoming project called Naughty Bedtime Stories – This has been submitted and now I’m waiting. If not accepted then I’ll rework and find a new home.
  2. Holiday Short Story – I have a first draft completed at 11,000 words and will begin working on the second draft next week. Plan on submitting this one to Secret Cravings before the September deadline. If not accepted then I rework and self-publish this one.
  3. Second Shifter Novella – I have an outline completed for a follow-up to A Scent of a Woman which will be released by Evernight Publishing in a few weeks. First draft should be completed next week. Please, please let them accept this one!
  4. The Rose Gold Collection – A Loving Affair is in first draft form and Dulce Means Sweet is in outline form. Just got to get started. Choose cover art, contract an editor, hire a proofreader…

That’s the schedule. Check back with me next week for an update.

Happy Reading!


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I’ve just signed up to take part in the Evernight Book Boyfriend Blog Hop (April 25 – May 2)! Woo hoo! It’s going to be lots of fun and there are great prizes to be won!

So why not saddle up and get ready for a HARD ride because Gideon Swain is a hot, cowboy Dom and he’s looking for love!

Here’s the link below if you want to join the hop or just check out who’s taking part.

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Just Hit Submit…Let the Jitters Begin

I took a few days off from the day job and worked my latest novella into submission status.

yay-10013652And that wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Not to mention, that I made my first foray into paranormal romance but I had to incorporate what didn’t make sense from the standpoint of two different beta readers and the guidance of a paid editor into one comprehensive work. All in all, that process has taken one full month.

At a point in which I was satisfied with the work, I submitted it to an e-publisher. And as the title says, Let the jitters begin.

Did I answer enough questions? Was the world of Haziel, Texas believable? Was the love story between Ada and Ewan engaging?

Ughh…I’m on the edge of my seat. But as an indie writer with no big contract beckoning me, I can’t stop. I have to plow ahead with marketing what I’ve done.

And there is the next story to be written.