Studio Interview with Master Vampire of London – Sephoroth

Studio Interview with Master Vampire of London Sephoroth, Lord Eldridge of the Book Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn; Arieanna’s Legend.

Well hey readers, my name is Alexandria Infante, author of the Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn, and A Lite Farie Tale series. Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn; Arieanna’s Legend being the first book in the series.

So, as I heard it, Arieanna and Auron just happen to be on vacation right now, so readers I thought we’d sit for a spell with Master Vampire of London Sephoroth.

We didn’t really get to see much of him, until halfway through the book, so I thought we’d see what was up with him, where he sees the series going, and maybe we can get him to spill a few juicy details of the next 12 books.

The women in the front row gasped as he walked into the studio, and I laughed as he immediately put on the swagger.

He was such a p.i.m.p…

Moreover, as usual he’s dressed sexy as hell in his black sports coat, black slacks, black button down Dolce shirt and blood red tie. I noticed today, his blonde hair is pulled back in a bun, so those amazing sky blue eyes of his seem to stand out even more.

Ladies, I’m tellin you, I could go just lookin at him.

I looked up as he took his seat across from me, a slight smile on his face. He surveyed the studio, then grinned even wider, because it was filled with women.

“Hello me love.” He said as he kissed the pulse at my neck. I caught the gasp before it left me, but I give you my word the women around me nearly swooned.

“Hello yerself.” I mocked and he grinned.

“We wanted to talk about T.B.M.D; Arieanna’s Legend, the series itself, and the next three books, because they’re already out right?

“Yes, book 2, ye lil hellion was released on September 12th, book 3 on September 30th and if I’m not mistaken ye released book 4 only this week? As well, aren’t ye editing book 5 now. Which is yer only redemption with me right now.” He replied with a half grin.

“Yes, and were you a bit angry with me for book 2?” I asked grinning, and a slight smile came to his features.

“We, shall speak of it later, but ye could do with a spanky.” He said, and there was a collective moan in the audience.

“Back to the book. You’re master of the city right, so can you tell us how old you truly are?”

“I believe there is a distinction in the book my love.” He evaded, his grin a little wider.

“Yes, but that doesn’t tell the readers how old, “you” are.”

“If I tell ye that, then I’d just have to wipe yer memory. And would you truly wish to forget the pleasures we could have together?” I gasped, as his eyes changed color, and felt an enormous heat spread through my body. I immediately pushed it from me. I created him, so I knew the tricks up his sleeves.

He laughed out right then.

“You…are so bad!” I cried, and he grinned.” Seriously tho.” I said clearing my throat. I just knew my face was scarlet. “So, you and Auron have been friends for centuries right?”

“Yes, god blind me, as barmy as it may seem we have. The lot of us have, with the exception of Eirnin. They can become a bit tedious at times, especially Auron twittering on about his good deeds, and penance. Tis completely bollix if ye ask me. The past is the past.”

“And what do you think of the power that’s been entered into your lil circle because of Arieanna and the legend?”

“I’m finding it quite delectable. She was a complete surprise to me, and I dare say ye did that on purpose.” He grinned, and there was something behind that grin. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he had a thing for Arieanna.

“I do, unfortunately, she met him first.”

“Stay out of my head.” I said grinning, and he laughed.

“Fine, but is she not ye?” He countered grinning, and I laughed.

“I can’t answer that.” I stated, and the women in the audience laughed. “How do you see the series turning out? Does your character develop on an emotional level Seph, or are you just eye candy constantly causin mischief?”

“Hummm, tis hard for me to answer that without giving away many of the plots. But I am who I am, ye created me that way, and it is to my delight ye did. However, I will say, I was very miffed with you, I wasn’t there for the Wolf Dance/ Blood Moon; a three day love fest would have been an oasis of lust for a psychic vampire. Ye were a naughty minx to do what ye did.” He said, and I laughed again, crossing my legs.

He was a serious orgasm waiting to happen.

“If I’m not mistaken, and ye can correct me, because yer the author; the books get darker, more sensual, and tis believed Stenos actually shows up. Which I must say, where ye pulled that one from I shall never know. I’m a bit angry about it. Not to mention Maggy.” He frowned, and I laughed.

“Why, because it means you’ll be controlled?”

“My love, ye should know by now, that shall never happen.”He grinned, and was immediately in front of me.

The audience gasped, because his lips were at my throat.

“Ye created me, ye know what I am capable of.” He said softly, there was a catch in the audience’s breath as his fangs hovered just above my neck, then he released me.

I created him, even I didn’t know he was this powerful, and the lust just exuded from him.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

“Do ye seriously think I’ll allow that my sweet?” He grinned winking, and I laughed.

“Anyway Sephoroth, how deeply are you involved in the series. As Master, surly you have to do some not so nice things to keep that position?”

“As old as I am, not anymore, I did them, which is why I don’t need to now. They’ll not muck with me easily.”

“And the book, Isis’, I heard you wanted it?”

“Why would I not, tis complete power.” He said laughing.

“But what about Arieanna?”

“What about her, she’s mine eve…well never mind, but many things come to pass in the next 7 books the readers will be shocked by.”

“And what’s next for you?” I asked, and that same grin was back.

“Only ye know my love. Nevertheless, I will say, I was very happy with what ye did, ten lovely women, all mine. I sigh, just mollying it over now.” He said, his eyes turned deep silver, and the audience moaned again.

“And the men?”

“They have known for centuries this is me, as to who and what I truly am, they do not.” He frowned, and I nodded.

“So, it’s you want someone else’s toys?” I countered grinning, and he laughed.

“But of course I do, and as long as I have lived, I am entitled to it.” He grinned, and it was full of mischief.

“And can you give us a small tid-bit of book two?”

“Jobey, the heartless wench.” He muttered, and I laughed again.

“Can you be a bit more specific?”

“Not without giving it away, but Arieanna meets cousins she never knew about. Twins. Bloody cow, and she is still making amends to me for it too. Saix becomes master, and well I shall not divulge the rest. But I am still quite put out with ye for what ye did.” He snapped, and I laughed.

“And books 3 and 4?”

“Magnus bloody deals with Malik again, which is completely mental, because the lower level demons are vicious, and Eirnin gets burned, then nearly turns someone. The bothersome Celtic god Dagda, or as he is presumably called on this side Jeff. The bollix with the premonition, the bloody Council, Keelik resigning, the whole complete muck. I say hold onto yer knickers, or many of the lovely women here can just take them off, but it’ll be an eventful series.  I dare say, one I will enjoy some aspects of immensely.”He stated laughing.”

“And finally, if you had to pick a book Seph, which in the series would be your favorite.”

“I don’t have just one. I would definitely say after five.” He snapped again glaring at me, and I couldn’t help laughing. “But five is special to be, because of Luna. 6 because of Celli, 7 because of Arieanna and Luna, 9 because of the baby, and 10 because I finally get what I’ve wanted since day one.” He grinned, and it was one of those devilish grins.

“Well, this has been completely delish Seph, and we definitely have to do this again. Ladies, you can find Seph hangin out in the Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn series.” The audience applauded as he stood to his feet, bowed, then blew them a kiss. The women went crazy. He pulled me next to him then.

“Shall I give ye a lift?” He asked grinning, and all I could do ladies was smile and nod…

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About the Author

 Its always been Under My Skin…

Alexandria Infante teaches literature and art history at the college level. It’s been her dream to be a author since she was a teenager, and although she’s older now and has had several different careers, it’s still her #1 dream.  She grew up with a Cuban father, and her mother is Native American, Puerto Rican, Irish and African-American; so culture was a huge concept in her house. She grew up listening to people like Celia Cruz, Harry Bellefonte, Tito Fuentes, Earth, Wind & Fire, just to name a few; with a mixture of Coltrane, Miles, Kenny G, Beethoven, Bach, and Green, because this was her parents.

Yet, at the same time, her abuelito taught her to Salsa on his feet, and swing to big band. Ms. Infanté’s family was and still is very eclectic. She speaks both Spanish and English, and embraces each of her backgrounds fully; which makes it somewhat hard finding just the right niche sometimes.

However, she believes love is color blind, and is in love with the idea of being in love. It is Alexandria’s express wish to show this, and she hopes others feel the same way. To Alexandria, a delicious looking man is just that; and color, race or creed has nothing to do with it.

To her Yummy is yummy!

Alexandria deems sometimes identifying with a character is not all that matters, its the aspect of being taken outside of your comfort zone to experience someone else’s cultural background; and their life as they see it.

Alexandria is a native of California, with five amazing children, three of which are in college. She considers being paid to do something she loves, rocks, and she’ll be writing books till she can’t anymore.

Ms. Infante writes two series: Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn;  featuring werewolves, the Goddess Sekhmet, Osiris, Asť, Ptah, Horus the Elder, Titans, the Japanese Sun Goddess, Blackfeet legends, Okuzo Ninja Clans, Gargoyles, Secret Church societies, Merlin, three day Love Fest, the Arvantes, Tantric Sex, the Brotherhood, the god of wine Dionysus, the goddess Demeter, the supposed original Vampire myth of Sekhmet, the Book of the Dead, Ré, and the Roman myth of Mulkie the first Lycan King (13 books in this series so far).

As well, A Lite Farie Tale:  featuring; Finnish, Scandinavian, Irish legend, the Keltic gods Dagda, Llewellyn, Odin, the Emerald Council, Demons and the Fae.

You can find Ms. Infante @:  Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn series.  A Lite Farie Tale series. Historical Romance series Contemporary Romance series blog

And the Winner Is…Howloween Blog Hop 2012

Thanks to everyone who hopped with me for the Howloween Blog Hop 2012. It was a fun post to write and I loved reading the comments. (Note to Janice – You may swat Kevin on the butt, especially when he’s in the kilt!)

The winner chosen by is Barbara! Check your email and congrats!

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The Regency Era and Romance by Anya Wylde

In a lot of twenty first century popular fiction a little bit of old world charm is hidden. Harry Potter escapes the mundane modern world and arrives at Hogwarts, a place where wizards wear old fashioned robes and the castle has gothic charm. Stephenie Meyer wrote ‘Twilight’ inspired by a novel written around Regency times, Pride and Prejudice. Edward Cullen is a hundred and four year old vampire and the quintessential romance hero.  Mr Darcy still rules our hearts and Rochester makes our legs go weak. The romance of the Regency era lives on.

Are modern day men that bad that we have to resort to fantasising about centuries old men? Apart from my husband, I would have to say yes. Most modern men are hopeless. During the Regency era men were fashionable, they were passionate, and they cherished the ones they loved. They were like birds of paradise. They primped, they preened, they built beautiful nests, and they danced and sang to win over the woman they loved. Today men approach a girl they fancy and ask “ Do you wanna …? ’’ and the romance trembles and withers and dies right there.

Men wrote poetry … poetry I tell you, to declare their love during the Regency era. Today men grunt. Though, to be fair, a boy did write a poem for me once. It was so bad that I cried.

It is a misconception that all Regency heroines are damsels in distress. Most modern day authors create feisty, bold, and progressive Regency heroines. In fact even Elizabeth Bennet can be considered progressive. After all she turned down Mr Darcy, a brilliant catch with ten thousand pounds a year. Emma, another of Austen’s heroines, was independent and wilful. She did not swoon or flutter her lashes at anything in breeches. She was intelligent, confident, and wonderfully nosey.

It is not the men who lived during the Regency era that fascinate us. After all Percy Shelley was a cad and Byron scandalous. It was authors like the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen who crafted classic, drool worthy heroes. It is those characters that continue to make our hearts flutter to this day. After devouring ‘Pride and Prejudice’ for the hundredth time, we are left wanting more. That is when we reach for modern day authors who attempt to recreate the magic of Regency era through historical romances. As I said, the romance of Regency era lives on…

My next novel is a Regency romance called ‘Penelope’. Penelope is a country bumpkin who arrives in London along with Lady Bathsheba (her pet goat) to catch a man during the season. I am currently editing it and it should be available soon.

Anya Wylde is the author of one my favorite reads of the summer, The Wicked Wager, featuring her own progressive heroine – Miss Emma Grey! Check it out on Amazon.

An Interview with Paul Kelly by Richard Long

Interview with Paul Kelly

Q. Paul, thank you so much for taking time out from your busy schedule of murder, mayhem and madness to spend some quality time together. I see that you’ve brought along your trusty pocket-sickle. Could you explain how that works?

A. I had it custom made in Germany, where they still know a thing or two about craftsmanship and cruelty. As you can see, the long semicircular blade is hinged in two places and attached to a stainless-steel handle with a 360-degree rotational swivel joint, so I can open it with one swift whip-crack motion, whereupon hidden metal dowels lock all the hinges in place. Here let me demonstrate: Cachhhhhing!

Q. That’s a…very nasty piece of metal. I suppose that could really cause some damage.

A. Yes, quite a few people have lost their heads when confronted with such a formidable weapon. By the way, here’s a little-known fact about beheadings…little known, that is, to anyone who wasn’t around during the Reign of Terror. There’s enough oxygen left in the brain after a particularly swift decapitation, let’s say from a guillotine during that aforementioned terrible time, or my own modest invention here, that the head remains not only conscious for a considerable period, but also acutely aware of his surroundings. You can look into his eyes…and they look back. Better yet, you can even ask him questions. And here’s another little secret that I daresay you couldn’t learn from any other person on the planet: they almost always answer you. Oh, the stories I could tell you! The things that I have learned!

Q. Death seems to be a major preoccupation of yours. Why the big interest in mortality?

A. I suppose you could say I’m a scientist, and my particular area of interest is pain…and death. The greatest mystery of life isdeath. What force engineered this necessity? What is this thing we call ‘food’? We eat life. And we eat it every single day. Why does life require life to feed it? What are we making when we reproduce? What story is the DNA telling? What are we struggling to become?

Q: And you claim to have the answers?

A: I don’t make claims. I make widows and orphans. The mystery of death is shrouded in fear. We fear it so terribly today because no one comes face to face with death anymore. Back in the old days, people didn’t make such fuss. They didn’t put their noses up in the air each time someone lost their head. Death was everywhere! It was all out in the open. People would fill the public squares for a beheading. Torture was a science. An art! The bravest saints would know the rapture that awaited them when their final breath was torn away. There wasn’t the slightest pretense we were any better than that. Now we have marches and rock concerts and petitions to stop it! And slaughterhouses and food factories that hide it! Wrap it up on a Styrofoam dish! Microwave it! We pretend death is everywhere, except here! But death is here. Now. In this very room, watching us. And death has many secrets to share.

Q: What secrets?

A: There are three ways to learn about death. The first is by talking about it, which leads to no real comprehension. The second is by watching it…and I can see by the look on your face that you’ve never had the privilege of that most noble of all experiences. The third and by far most effective route…is by causing it.

Q: That’s horrible!

A: It’s hard for me to remember now, but I had misgivings too when I was your age. Then I learned the folly of my ways and by hook and crook, I claimed my destiny.

Q: Destiny. That’s another major theme of yours. You seem to have quite an inflated opinion of your own importance. There’s nothing Christ-like about you sir, yet it seems as if you think of yourself as some kind of messiah. Is that true, do you think you’re actually the Chosen One?

A: An Té atá Tofa. The One who has been Chosen. Yeshua was so convinced that he was the chosen one. Well, he was, but not the first. There’s such a thing as seniority. Still, I think he said it best when Pilate popped the question. ‘It is as you say.’

Short and sweet.

Q: So what is this all-important destiny of yours? What exactly are you trying to do?

A: Not do. Become.  Even if I’d never been born or chosen or filled with the spirit—The Becoming will still occur. It was ordained by the prophecy 6,000 years ago. The Singularity will set the stage, and very shortly afterward, the Intelligence will become fully manifest. There’s nothing in this or any universe that can stop that from happening. It is the irresistible intent of the Intelligence—the point, the sole point of everything that has ever existed. To facilitate the proper outcome of this event is what we have dedicated our lives and our deaths to since the building of the first Tower in Babylon—and the Great Wheel beneath its foundations. Our enemies have tried to steer the Intelligence in their favor, convinced that their path is the only true course to victory. But regardless of what they do or believe, or what we do or believe, The Becoming will still occur. The only questions that remain are when and where and how and most importantly to me…who.

Q: Who?

A: Yes, who. If there’s a God to be born darlin’…he’ll surely be holding the Book.”

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The Perfect Costume for the Howloween Blog Hop

One of my favorite Halloween events is shopping for my family’s Halloween costumes. I was overruled this year and we won’t be going as the cast of Gilligan’s Island but as ninjas and angels. However, the Howloween Blog Hop has given me the chance to not only participate in a wonderful event but to outfit some of my favorite characters for Halloween!

Music for Her Soul’s Lena Spencer and Ethan Holden

Lena will be dressed as a flapper. She loves jazz and would love to show off her curvier figure. Plus she already has the flirty curls so she won’t need a wig.

Ethan will be dressed as a pirate. The eye patch will fit perfectly with the small scar that trails from the corner of his eye into his hairline and as a musician he’s already used to the stage make-up!

In The Moment’s Amber Grayson and Kevin Miller

Amber will be dressed as a Renaissance lady. The costume flows down to her feet without making it look like it had to be lengthened and the ties across her chest give her a night without the minimizer.

Kevin…well there was a discussion that began with – “Sweetpea, I ain’t wearing that.” Some negotiations…a few promises…a swat across the bottom or two and Kevin will be dressed in a kilt.

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To read the stories of the characters mentioned above, just click the covers below:

In The Moment – Amber and Kevin’s Story from Vallory’s Calliope

Music for Her Soul – Lena and Ethan’s Story from Amira Press

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Passionate Cook – A. R. Norris

“Heavenly Pillows” Sopapillas

What’s more hot than a flaky dessert, dipped in honey and shared with the one you love? Yeah, it takes a bit of prep and build up, but so does the art of romance, does it not?

Sopapillas are a sentimental recipe for me. My grandfather brought the recipe over from Central Mexico when he moved to America. I used to love watching him sit in the kitchen and toss flirtatious comments to my grandma as she dropped the dough in the deep fryer. And then later, they’d cuddle against the counter and share one (or two) together.

The moments were so romantic, that when All Romance asked for romantic recipes I knew I had to share this one. Click HERE to download the free e-cookbook and see all the other fantastically romantic recipes.


4 cups all-purpose flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

4 tablespoons shortening

1 1/2 cups warm water

2 quarts oil for frying

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 tablespoon cinnamon


  1. Mix flour, baking powder, salt, and shortening. Stir in water a little at a time until dough is smooth texture. Cover and let stand for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Roll out on floured surface until ⅛-inch thick. Cut into 4 to 5-inch squares or triangles. Set aside.
  3. Heat oil in deep fryer to 375 degrees F and fry until golden brown, flipping with tongs to ensure both sides are evenly tanned.
  4. Drain on paper towels, sprinkle powdered sugar to desired amount and serve hot. As an alternative to the powdered sugar, you can sprinkle cinnamon sugar. To do this, mix the granulated sugar and cinnamon sugar, blend well and sprinkle to desired amount.
  5. Serve with honey for dipping and enjoy! Makes about 2 dozen.

The Hispanic culture has always held a rich romantic element to me. When Damani Wassack, the main male character to my last installment of the Telomere Trilogy, popped into my mental life I knew he was from a Hispanic heritage. In End of Eternity, he tries not to be romantic or sentimental, but can’t stop his nature… especially against the Dokkaebi warrior Luna Dokkaebi. He knows that her hostile and contrary personality is only used to hide her fear of a world and an attraction to him she doesn’t understand.

End of Eternity – Book Blurb

Luna thought her journey away from her people’s world was over. Now, she’s forced to join the lost daughter in her journey with Captain Noah Bonney’s crew to learn why these women coexist with men. Something unbelievable to the all woman race. Adding to the confusing change in Dokkaebi directive and teachings, is the presence of the gold-eyed man that stirred something in her heart. A forbidden attraction that goes against all her teachings and her people’s ways.

Damani Wassack isn’t happy with the situation either. Telomere Watchers lead secluded and separate lives. Yet now, he and the other watchers must come to the surface, show all their secrets and work with outsiders. If that weren’t enough, he can’t get that sneer from the man-hating warrior woman out of his mind. Or her fierce dedication, strong spirit, and sense of duty and honor. The package is appealing, and completely impossible.

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Curiosity Quills – The Audition

The Query

Portia Andrade has known since her early teens that the scenes which played before her eyes like a movie were instances woven in the fabric of Time. Unfortunately, she couldn’t tell if the haunting depictions occurred hundreds of years ago or yesterday. As an adult, she has tried everything from meditation to medication to quell the visions. However when her feisty sister is the most likely suspect in the murder of the young actress found stabbed to death in the courtyard of the Andrade House Hotel, Portia draws upon her complete arsenal of weapons – her gift, the research skills of her current boyfriend and the investigative knowledge of her ex-husband – to keep her sister out of jail amid a media storm of bad press.

A midnight gala in honor of Talia McCormick, Hollywood’s latest ingénue, has all the delights New Orleans has to offer from blackened alligator to an authentic jazz second-line under the majestic shadows of St. Louis Cathedral. But by the time the last silk handkerchief is waved, the young actress lies dying on an oyster-shelled path and Portia must embrace the most frightening part of herself because family is just that important.

Set in New Orleans, Upon an Oyster-Shelled Path, uses the culture of the Afro-Cuban and Creole communities where either you are related to or went to school with everyone else as Portia’s ally in her quest to clear her sister’s name. This completed 25,000 word novella, intended to introduce the Andrade House Mystery series, can be included in an anthology or made available as a stand-alone title for readers of cozy mysteries looking for a culturally diverse amateur sleuth in an exciting setting.

The First Page

Hollywood had invaded the quiet neighborhood of Algiers Point, located a ferry’s ride across the Mississippi River from the French Quarter.  From her spot on the balcony, Portia could see the majestic steeple of St. Louis’ cathedral peeking over the horizon silhouetted against a bright cloudless sky.  Double shotgun houses neatly lined the riverbank in an array of pastels from blues to pinks to yellows. It was a picture perfect snapshot that could have been taken in the early 1900s.

The only exceptions were the vans parked haphazardly along the narrow streets each with the vivid logo from a different television station.  And the crowd of onlookers spilling beyond the restriction gates set up by the Algiers Point Commission to mingle with the cameramen and newscasters.

All were jostling for the best view of the star of last summer’s hit Midnight’s Kiss, Talia McCormick.  All were trampling the manicured foliage of historic Algiers Point.

Portia’s stomach flipped.  Danielle LeBlanc, current APC President, would surely speak with her about this later.  The thought of speaking with Danielle, her perfectly coiffed eighty’s styled mushroom swinging about her thin angular face made Portia cringe and take another puff of her offensive cigarette.

She never smoked while working.  Hollywood had done this to her. The people, the planning, the drama combining in a massive early morning headache and the need for just one before she could continue with the rest of the day.

Not that she wasn’t grateful.

Midnight’s Kiss had provided amazing opportunities for her family. Her sister, Jewel, was now an Oscar winning costume designer for a hit movie. The Andrade House Hotel, chosen as the backdrop for key scenes in the first film, was now slated for a more prominent showcasing in the upcoming production of Midnight’s Kiss: Renewal.  She was the event planner for Talia McCormick’s First Annual Midnight Ball for Literacy this evening.  It couldn’t get better than that.

Or worse.

A cacophony of screeching snarls and high-pitched whines erupted from her bedroom and demanded her attention. Portia took another quick puff and crushed the cigarette beneath her sneakered foot.  Taking a cleansing breath, she stepped inside.

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